10 Tips For Maintaining and Cleaning Your Toilet

Who doesn’t like to have a clean and tidy toilet?

Regular cleaning is helpful in maintaining hygiene and keeps the bacteria away from your toilet area. But, most of the time, people think toilet cleaning is a daunting task and requires effort. So, we like to clear it here that a toilet job can be easily done if you follow some simple tips and clean every inch of your toilet area.

  1. Keep the area dry
  2. After cleaning your toilet, you have to ensure that the area is dry. Adopting this habit when it comes into your practice helps you keep the area dry.

  3. Descaling the shower head
  4. The shower head has the chance of getting attacked by Mycobacterium avium, which is a pathogen causing pulmonary disease. To deal with it, take an ample amount of white vinegar in a bag and keep it in a place to soak overnight. Then, you can remove the bag and pour the water for rinsing purposes in the morning.

  5. Get the shiny surface
  6. Obviously, you must like your toilet surface shiny. For this, use 4 to 5 drops of baby oil on a cotton cloth and start rubbing on the surface. If you don’t have baby oil, then make use of 1 tbsp. of vinegar, 1 tsp. of dishwashing liquid and a half cup of water. Mix them and pour the content into a spray bottle. Spray it where needed and clean it with a cotton cloth.

  7. Cleaning the doors and shower curtain
  8. If you don’t know, the shower head can also become a reason for germs to grow. You can avoid the situation by washing the shower curtains and liners in a washing machine that can easily remove the soap scum. On the other hand, cleaning the shower doors can be done using a few drops of distilled white vinegar along with baking soda. Allow this paste to settle for an hour, and then using a microfiber cloth, you can clean the door.

  9. It’s time to refresh the dingy grout
  10. Many of you don’t know that grout is porous and majorly susceptible to the growth of bacteria. Nothing to worry about; you can deal with this as well with a grout brush. Dip the brush into straight bleach and start rubbing on the affected area to remove the grout.

  11. Clean the trash
  12. Regular emptying of the trash helps in keeping your bathroom clean. You must ensure that trash shouldn’t overflow. Therefore, you can put 5 to 6 trash bags in the bathroom so that you can regularly change them, and the process becomes really quick.

  13. Focus on walls, countertops, and ceilings
  14. Soaps don’t do their work completely. So, use an all-purpose cleaning cleaner and spray on the walls, countertops, and ceiling of the toilet room. After that, pour the hot water and let both cleaner and steam mix for at least minutes. Finally, use a clean cloth to wipe the whole surface.

  15. Unclog the pipes
  16. Finding a clogged toilet in the morning is a nightmare for anyone and equally challenging. You must wonder how this happens, but you have a solution right away. Use hot water, and dish soap and pour both down the toilet. It helps in loosening up the clogs.

  17. Wash the hand towels regularly
  18. Actually, moist hand towels can easily trap moisture and become a home for bacteria. However, such a condition can be avoided if you wash the hand towels every three to four days and sanitize them.

  19. Clean all the items present in a bathroom
  20. Items like toilet brushes in a bathroom can simply become a breeding place for bacteria. So here’s how you can clean it. First, use the bleach, pour it over the bristles, and keep it stand for a few minutes. Then clean it with water, and it is all clean.

    Now, you don’t have to face smelly and stained toilets anymore. Instead, maintain the hygiene with these simple, quick tips, and use toilet fragrances to keep it fresh always.

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