How to Program and Clean BLACK+DECKER Coffee Maker

BLACK +DECKER Coffee Maker

BLACK +DECKER is an American Manufacturing Company headquartered in Towson, Maryland, north of Baltimore.

The company was established in the year 1910 by S Duncan Black and Alonzo G Decker. The company BLACK+DECKER manufactured 33 different coffee makers so far.

For every coffee maker, there will be a manual where we find the specifications and operation of that particular coffeemaker.

Black+Decker evokes consumers that a good coffee must have four elements good water, fresh coffee beans, a saturation of the coffee in water, and the proportion of water to coffee. The first two elements are consumer choice and the other two taken care of by the coffeemaker.


How to Program BLACK+DECKER Coffee Maker

Set the Timer of Black+Decker

Most of the Black+Decker coffee makers feature delay brewing which helps us to brew the coffee at the present time. After fixing the coffee maker fix the timer to start. If the timer setting feature is not used, it is recommended to set the clock to the correct time.

Black+Decker coffee maker

There is a button “HR” which will help us to set the hour. Plugin the coffee maker and we can see the cycle form 1 to 12 and AM or PM on the display of the LCD. Hold the HR button and release it at the required time. The same way sets the minutes by pressing the MIN button.

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How to Use Delay Feature

To program the coffee maker to start brewing at a particular time of the day, we need to press the PROG button to set the time accordingly to begin the brewing and set the particular time of day. After setting the clock the display shows several times and comes back to the set time after flashing a couple of times. Now press the AUTO button to activate the program.

Process of Brewing Coffee in BLACK+DECKER Coffee Maker

We need to add water for brewing coffee. Fill the water reservoir with cold water up to the measurement mark which indicated the number of cups to brew. Do not fill the water past the measurement capacity of the reservoir, it will be a big mess.

Now we need to place the filter into the filter basket on the top of the maker. Use proper filters which are suitable for the machines, we can also go through the manual of the coffee maker if we aren’t sure to use which filter. Some models of Black+Decker especially that grinds the coffee does not require a filter.

After placing the filter it’s time to add the coffee of your choice into the filter. Black+Decker recommends using 1 heaping tablespoon of coffee to brew a 6-ounce cup. If you want a strong cup of coffee, add 2 tablespoons of coffee depending on your taste. Disperse the coffee evenly in the bottom of the filter for proper saturation.

Last but not the least, place the carafe with pour through the lid on it and press the ON/OFF button to start brewing. Some of the models of Black+Decker have the sneak-a-cup feature to remove the carafe and fill the coffee cup at any time. With this feature, the machine stops brewing for 20 seconds. After making the coffee and want to turn off the maker presses the ON/OFF button again.

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Process of Grinding and Brewing

Some models are having the grind feature before brewing coffee. Here also add the coffee beans in the same quantity as used in ground coffee i.e. 1 to 2 tablespoons per cup. Select the grind settings accordingly for the number of cups brewing. Fill the water reservoir and press the ON/OFF button, now the coffeemaker will grind the beans and brew the coffee.

Cleaning Black+Decker Coffee Maker

We need to clean the coffee maker after using it every time. Throw away the filter and grounds, wash the filter basket, and carafe with hands or dishwasher. Clean the coffeemaker with vinegar once in a month to prevent scale formed due to hard water.

Fill half of the reservoir with white vinegar and a half with water. Put a clean filter in the filter basket and press the ON/OFF button to start the brewing cycle. Let the carafe fill halfway and now turn off the coffee maker. Now make the coffee maker and carafe to soak for 15 minutes and again on the machine to complete the cycle.

Remove the vinegar solution and water from the reservoir and carafe. Pour fresh water and run the machine for brewing to clear out the vinegar from the coffeemaker. Still, if you feel a vinegar smell, repeat the same process until the smell is completely gone.


Hope the BLACK+DECKER Coffee Maker instructions given will help to program the machine, brew the coffee, and clean the coffee maker. Since there are different models people have to follow the owner’s manual thoroughly before using the coffee maker.

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