Best Ice Cream Maker 2020 for Ice creams, Frozen yogurt, sorbets & Italian Gelato

I scream you scream, we all scream for Icecream

Ice cream is the best dessert in summer to cool. Everyone loves a scoop of ice cream of their favourite flavour. Ice cream will cheer up if you are sad, scientifically proven that ice cream helps make bitter breakups, heartaches, and other causes of sadness.

We can use Ice Cream makers easily, and we can whip our ice cream. With the food processor, a bag of ice and salt is the minimum requirement to make a delicious mix of ice cream. Using the exotic fruits, cookies, and creams, we can create tasty ice cream of our choice with ice cream makers.

Ice cream makers not only limited just to make ice creams, most of them we can make frozen yogurt, fruit sorbets, and many other desserts. There are many varieties of ice cream makers like Hand-cranked machines, Electric machines, Counter-top machines, Small freezer unit machines, Built-in freezer machines, and Ice-salt coolant machines.

6 Best Ice cream Makers of 2020

Below are the six best ice cream maker machines for making healthy treats and perfect for the people who are lactose intolerant and on a gluten-free diet. Using the ice cream makers, we can make ice cream in very little time, depending on the machines and the recipes.

Those looking for ice cream makers for single-serve or a big party, below makers, will be useful. Select your favourite ice cream makers from the below best five and latest models and also go through the full review after looking at our best picks.

Cuisinart ICE-100 Compressor Ice Cream & Gelato Maker

Cuisinart ICE-100Cuisinart is one of the first famous electric ice cream maker company. It is excellent at making chilled bowls and compressing. It doesn’t take time to freeze the ice cream mixing bowl. Cuisinart ICE-100  includes a recipe book to create a variety of flavours.


  • Cuisinart has a transparent lid by which we can see the mixing process while processing and is also having an easily removable see-through top.
  • We can add mix-ins, toppings, and favourite ingredients without breaking the freezing cycle.
  • There are two unique paddles for mixing and aerating the ingredients in the mixing bowl. The gelato and sorbet paddle absorb the air in the elements and perfectly creates rich ice cream textures with intense flavours. The ice cream paddle used to whip for a smooth and creamy texture.
  • This maker has a unique feature of an Anodized aluminium mixing bowl for which we no need to pre-chill or freeze the mixing bowl.
  • There is a touchpad control panel with an LED readout, which helps us set the timer form 10 minutes to 60 minutes. We can Start/Stop the mixing/cooling cycle at any point to pause the process when the machine is on, the power button lights with red colour.

Cost: $299.95

Whynter ICM-15LS Stainless Steel Icecream Maker

WhynterICM-15LSWhynter ICM-15LS is a Professional choice with flexible, self-freezing maker makes premium ice creams and refreshing sorbets, Italian gelato, frozen yogurts, other frozen treats and can make a delicious dessert in 30-40 minutes. It is a Professional standard ice cream makers with premium features not found in budget makers.

  • Whynter ICM-15LS is a stainless steel ice cream maker with a build-in powerful compressor freezer. We no need to pre-freeze the mixing bowl. Its self-contained frozen dessert made with a high-efficiency CFC-free compressor.
  • We can easily remove the bowl and churn blade to clean effortlessly and store.
  • It is having the feature of a build-in audible timer with Voltage 110V/120V 60Hz.
  • If the mixture freezes solid, then the newly designed motor drive shuts off to prevent damage.
  • This ice cream maker’s capacity is 1.6 quart (1.5 litres) and Power with 150 Watts/2.4 Amps.
  • With this maker, it is not only easier to make ice creams but also tastes better.

Cost: $325

Breville BCI600XL Smart Scoop IceCream Maker

Breville BCI600XL

Breville BCI600XL Smart Scoop Ice Cream Maker, fully automatic, blends frozen desserts, sorbet, ice creams, and gelato. It is expensive with benefits. This maker contains a compressor, like a window of air conditioner freezing the ice cream while churning. It has 12 precisely calibrated settings for different levels of softness.


  • Breville ice cream maker has a compressor which produces velvety frozen treats without pre-freezing the bowl.
  • Twelve settings convert super soft to extra firm ice creams.
  • There is a feature “hold,” which keeps the ice cream at preferred consistency for up to three hours.
  • The maker includes one paddle to fold over the ice cream and gelato.
  • There is an audible beeper that lets us know when to add mix-ins like choco chips and nuts.
  • It consists of an aluminium bowl and stainless steel, smooth and plastic housing, which is durable and easy to clean.
  • It operates quietly without a sound.

Cost: $545

Lello 4080 Musso Lussino IceCream Maker

Lello 4080Lello 4080 Musso Lussino is the luxurious ice cream maker. This maker blends tastier ice cream, which takes first or second place and is a severe savant of taste. Musso design is smooth and straightforward, with no whistles or bells. The machine is so big and bulky that we cannot set aside a shelf; it must fix permanently. Lello is also fully automatic and controlled by a timer.


  • Lello maker is to make one and a half quart capacity bowl, freezing 3 quarts of ice cream per hour.
  • We have to add all the ingredients into the bowl, and two buttons pressed, the maker takes 30 minutes to complete the process.
  • The timer in the machine controls operation for different frozen confections.
  • The bowl, paddle, and housing made of stainless steel for easy cleaning.

Cost: $625

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KitchenAid KSM150PSPH IceCream Maker

KitchenAid KSM 150PSPHKitchenAid is the most versatile piece of ice cream maker. It is a game-changer to make big batches of cookies, homemade pizza dough, and whip the cream of cakes and frostings. This maker doesn’t take much space and makes good ice cream. Here the bowl has to be pre froze. The dasher has to be attached to the stand mixer. The maker takes 25 to 30 minutes to prepare 2 quarts of ice cream, sorbet, or frozen yogurt.


  • KitchenAid has high-performance motor power to mix everyday household recipes, double batches of batter and dough.
  • Ten mixing speeds allow the user to select the speed from a slow stir to the fast excitement.
  • It has 5 quarts stainless steel bowl with a handle to accommodate large batches of heavy mixtures of ice cream.
  • There are 12 optional attachments for multi-purpose hub powers and offering endless opportunities.
  • It is available in 20 colours.

Cost: $299.99

Nostalgia Electrics IceCream Maker

Nostalgia Electrics Ice Cream MakerNostalgia Electric Ice cream maker is in bucket style and easy to carry where ever we want. It is the perfect maker to buy. We can make ice creams, frozen yogurt, and sorbets in a matter of minutes. It looks old fashioned but having full modern convenience in making frozen delights. This maker comes in blue colour plastic buck and aluminium canister with long-lasting durability.


  • Nostalgia is with 4 quarts aluminium canister to make ice cream for party time or snack time.
  • This maker is having an electric motor for churning.
  • Easy to clean the machine.
  • There is a see-through lid to store the leftover ice cream, which is on the top of the canister.
  • The motor locks into place to keep all the parts secured.
  • It takes 20 to 30 minutes to make ice cream.

Cost: $65.65

How to choose an Icecream Maker

Once we have decided to buy an ice cream maker machine, we need to consider some factors:

  • The first thing we need to consider is the capacity of the maker. If we have a large family, we need to choose the size accordingly. The other thing is whether to buy a canister or compressor model. Think wisely depending upon the requirement before choosing the model.
  • Another factor we need to consider is speed, it differs from models and types of makers. Some of the models have a pre-freezing option, so if you want to make the ice cream the same day, then go for the compressor model.
  • For some of us, the texture is essential for ice cream. Icecream Maker with Compressor model produces smooth textures, for thick texture slow speed works effectively, and for lighter and thinner texture, fast speed works, and it prevents the formation of ice crystals.
  • For canister types of ice cream makers, the bowl must be frozen in the refrigerator. So before buying the ice cream maker, make sure to measure the container.
  • The mixing paddle also considered while buying the maker. In the manual maker, hand paddle used for churning the ingredients. In electric makers, there will be mixing arm to churn. Make sure that the mixing arm is durable.
  • Stainless steel spinning blades preferred in the ice cream maker. The maker will aerate the ingredients correctly, and it is rust resistance. We must also look into the other dishes it can make like frozen yogurt, sorbets, and other desserts. Check the hardness setting function also.
  • The compressor model has the option to work comfortably, and it has other features like digital display, lightweight, etc. The most significant task after making ice cream is cleaning. Select the machine easily used and cleaned.


Is homemade ice cream hard in texture?

If the ice cream made at home is hard because the ice cream maker is not churning fast, the mixture is not getting aerated enough to get a smooth texture.

What does an ice cream maker do?

Ice cream maker is to prepare ice creams by churning the ingredients to aerate the mixture and simultaneously freeze it. Then the ice cream is ready to eat without freezing.

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