Why my Air Conditioner Smells Bad, Reasons & Fixing Techniques?

Air Conditioner Smells Bad

Everyone wishes to have a good morning in a peaceful environment. The peaceful environment also includes a pleasant smell too because no one likes to wake up with a foul smell, right!!! Presently, AC has become a part of life to have a good sleep at night or relaxing for a while. It not only blows cool air but it also the air conditioner smells bad on some unlucky days. Even though I have gone through those unlucky days. Eww, It was really horrible!

Then I began to search for “Why my Air Conditioner Smells Bad?” To my surprise, I found an answer like this, “Firstly, we can come to a point of some damage/abnormal thing that has happened to the AC. In order to know the cause behind a bad smell, we need to figure out the type of odor we smell. Because an AC can emit some types of odors like rotten egg, moldy, gun powder, feet…etc, based on the type of problem that happened in a particular area of the AC unit.

In simple, If we smell a bad odor from AC, then we need to find out the type of odor it emits. So, at that point, we need to know the type of odors first along with the cause also.

Thinking that you are also facing the same point of issue with your AC and about to know how to fix it Don’t get stressed. I am here to the ball you about the research I have made to get rid of bad smell from AC. So, without any delay let’s get into the details.

Air Conditioner Smells Bad

Reasons for Why your Air Conditioner Smells bad – Speedy fix:

As we discussed earlier, the bad smell from an Air Conditioner includes several types of Odours which help in finding the problem in AC. So, here are the types of odors and causes from an AC.

Moldy Odour:

We all know that AC drips off water during the process of cooling due to the condensation process which takes place inside the AC unit. This dripped water drains in a pan and then comes out through a drain line. During the process of water draining, these are some chances of stocking water. The stocked water creates the best environment for molds to grow and even faster if there are more mildews. Air passing from the filters along with the moldy smell from the mildews results in bad smell from AC.

Speedy Fix:

Wipe out the visible mildews with a vinegar solution. You can even vacuum your AC with a Wet-dry vacuum cleaner to remove the stubborn mildews.

Smoke/gas Odour:

Every AC consists of a refrigerant which is also called a cooling agent. It is one of the main components required to flow in the coils of an AC. As this is fluid in nature, it sometimes tends to leak. The leaked refrigerant smells release a smoke/gas smell even though there is no presence of gas inside an AC unit. The leaked refrigerant also causes danger to an AC.

Speedy Fix:

If you observe any of the smoke/gas smell then you need to make a call to the serviceman as you cannot detect the leakage and refill the refrigerant.

Electronics Burning Odor:

The working of an AC consists of many components including a compressor, fan motors…etc. If any of these are components got damaged due to a blown fuse, then you can observe a burning smell from the air conditioner. 

Speedy Fix:

Right after observing a burning smell, you need to switch off the mains power supply and make a call to the serviceman to figure out the issue and replaces the damaged part with a new one by him.

Rotten Egg Odor:

An AC has 2 units one is on the inside of the room and the other is outside of the room. Not only the problem of bad smell (what we discussed till now) comes inside the unit but the problem happened the outer unit of AC can cause a bad smell inside the room. As the outer unit is free for the atmosphere, there are high chances for small animals, birds to get stuck inside the air duct, which circulates air inside from the outer unit. The decomposed flesh can cause the rotten egg smell in the room while running.

Speedy Fix:

As the odor is horrible to bear, you need a professional to clean because of the normal methods that we used to clean are not enough to remove the body’s remains and smell. So, make a call for the professional cleaner to clean those areas of dead things.

This is how you can detect the type of cause that happened for the bad smell in AC. The professionals are may not be available for the time we want, it may take days to get the solution. 

So, it’s better to prevent your AC from these types of causes. But, How????

How to prevent Air Conditioner from the bad smell?

We all know that prevention is better than cure, in the same way, protecting our AC before getting attacked by some bad smell, will definitely help in saving our money and cost.

Following these things can actually help you in that case,

Clean your AC filters regularly. To remove the pooled water at the drain pan, try to use the vacuum cleaner to suck all the pooled drained water.

These are a few chances for growing the mildews on the inner unit also. So, switching the AC to the Dry mode often will dry the inner area with a fan motor fixed inside of an AC.  Use a Foaming coil cleaner to clean the AC coils. This will eliminate the dust, molds..etc from then coils. Click here to know how to clean coils with coil cleaning.

Finally, before trying all these fixes and preventions you just need to switch off the main power to the AC as soon as possible.


I hope that now you are able to figure out the problem of bad smell, just by knowing the type of odor you smell. If you have any other type of odors from AC then there is something serious about informing the serviceman. But always be careful while dealing with electrical appliances.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q) Is it good to cover your air conditioner in the winter? Yes, in order to prevent further damage, it’s better to cover the AC in winter. But, the cover used for this should be a breathable one.

Q) Is it OK to spray water on your air conditioner? No, you should spray water on your air conditioner as it leads to damage.

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