Causes for AC is Making Noise, Types of AC Noises?

Why AC is Making Noise?

Are you not having enough night sleep because of the disturbance created by your Air conditioner, something like weird sounds. It is quite common to hear little sound while running because of the fan motor in AC. It’s not at all a point to consider as weird sound.  If you are suffering from the same issue then, have you ever thought, “Why my AC is Making Noise? ” 

And the is as simple as that, your AC as prone to damage or there is something wrong with the working of an AC. In order to know the causes behind the noises, we need to figure out the type of noise it emits. Because the different types of noises tell you the damage happened to the particular area of location.

Simply, the cause behind the noise can be easily found if we know the type of it. Of course, now we do have Air Conditioners with zero noise emission in the market. But no like to move to a new AC because of some simple issues like noise which can sort out with simple fixations.  

I know that you are also one among the people I have mentioned above and here to know about those types of noises from AC, right! 

Don’t worry, I am here to tell you about those details along with suitable fixations. So, let’s get into the details 

ac is making noise

Causes for why your AC is Making Noise – Types of AC Noises

As we discussed earlier, the cause behind an AC noise depends on the type of noise it makes, so, let’s know one after the other type of AC noises in-depth.

Clanking Sound:

This is also called banging sound which happens when a part of the unit comes into contact with the other unit by touching it while in the case of running. So, this sound usually occurs during the running of an AC. This sound occurs when the loose components of an AC get touched to the nearby components. And also when there is a low-level oil in the compressor.

Suitable Fixation: 

Try to fix the loose components by tightening its screws. Or if the parts are more likely to get out of the slot then make a call to the HVAC Contractor near you.


It is a type of high-pitched cry or noise that comes inside of an AC unit. This happens when the fan motors fail. The failed motor squeals louder through the duct system and then results in high pitched cry or noise, squealing. This tells the problem is worst at the fan motor.  And the problem gets worse it is not checked or identified immediately.

Suitable Fix:

Replacing or repairing the fan motor is the best way to overcome the squealing sound.

Buzzing Noise:

There are many reasons for this buzzing sound in AC and usually happens when an AC is in working condition. The reason behind this noise is Isolating feet damage.

Isolating feet is used to keep the compressor in place as a balancing part, damage to the isolating feet will reduce the balancing factor of a Compressor and let the AC make a buzzing sound.

Suitable Fix:

Replace the damaged or worn out isolating feet with new isolating feet. 

Humming Sound:

The humming sound usually occurs light in pitch in AC. The reason behind the humming sound of an AC is a failed capacitor. The capacitor plays a key role in order to make the compressor work properly.

Suitable Fix:

You cannot replace the capacitor alone with a new capacitor as it requires basic electric knowledge. So, get the work done with servicemen of AC.

Rattling Sound:

This sound is something to check right after its recognition. Because the sound occurs due to the dust, leaves get blocked at the system. A neglected behavior will result in damage to the entire AC unit and it blocks the normal functions one after the other. 

Suitable Fix:

It is better to check your AC from any leaves, dust blockage as soon as possible. And vacuum it if you any.

Popping/Cracking Noise:

This is also one of the immediate damage-causing sounds. This sound occurs when there is an issue with icing and water. There are some situations like high humidity level, a dusted filter that makes the temperature inside to get free, and also results in the formation of water inside the unit. The sudden temperature converts the iced coils to release ice from it and also water in high amounts which results in the cracking/popping sound.

Suitable Fix:

Cleaning the filters and vacuuming the drain out will prevent the other attached parts from damage. Till now, you have gone through the noisy sounds that come from an AC. 

But, here are some of the noises which you don’t need to panic at all as they are common in an AC unit.

Thumping sound:

Usually occurs when you start the AC unit ON.

Light Buzzing sound:

This occurs during the functioning of the fan inside an AC.

Air Flowing Sound:

This sound is perfectly alright as it is a common sound of blowing air. Finally, before getting done with any of the suitable fixes just make sure that whether you have switched off the man supply to AC or not.

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AC is Making Noise Conclusion:

It is to say that we can overcome these types of noisy sounds with proper maintenance. The above-mentioned problems are not just immediate problems to check at once. So, our AC needs more attention just by its indications like bad/weird sounds.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q) Why does my AC fan make noise? If your AC fan makes more noise then the problem may occur to the fan motor. The damaged or worn out fan motor will make more noise than usual by screeching. 

Q) How can I make my air conditioner quieter? You can make your air conditioner quieter by setting the fan speed to moderate, adding the bypass duct. Also, know more reasons by clicking here

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