Does Eating Microwaved Food Cause Cancer?

Eating Microwaved Food Cause Cancer

You might have heard about many myths about microwave oven threats to human health, one such is does eating a microwaved food cause cancer? right!.

This question was raised by one of our customer’s communities and it caught our attention to investigate further to know the truth.

If you are on the same path with me, let’s get started without any delay.

So, Does Eating a Microwaved Food causes Cancer? Well, the answer is No. Eating microwaved food will not cause cancer. Because the purpose of microwaves in an oven is to heat up the food by producing the radiation in order to vibrate the water molecules in the food. But there are chances to have cancer when the food is cooked in a plastic container in an oven.

In simple, the deadly disease of cancer causes only when we get exposed to the microwaves.

To understand it clearly, I suggest you read an entire article to find out the mechanism and working of microwaves and its intricacies.

Why Usage of Plastic Containers in Oven causes Cancer?

People often go for plastic containers to cook food in the oven because of it’s easy availability and cleaning advantages.

But it’s not at all a good idea to do so. Scientists have found that plastic usage will end in causing different disease and sometimes leads to cancer too. when it comes to the plastic containers in the microwave oven, the heat produced in the microwave oven will melt the plastic.

While melting, the plastic releases a toxic chemical of bisphenol A (also called BPA) into the food. By consuming the food containing bisphenol A digests and then enters into the bloodstreams which result in the formation of tumor cells. As time goes on these tumor cells will grow up with the continuous usage of plastic containers in the oven and finally results in causing cancer.

Along with bisphenol A, it also releases some other toxic chemicals like PVC, dioxin, and styrene which also lead to cancer.

The bitter truth is that according to the research made by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) the tracing level amount of this BPA has found 90 percent of the general population.

Microwaved Plastic Container Causes Some Other Diseases

Eating the food in a microwaved plastic container can also cause some other disease like,

  • Infertility
  • Improper brain functioning
  • High blood pressure

A report from FDS also stated that the chemicals like BPA in a plastic container can cause infertility problems in both male and female.

Materials which included plastic in it or not suitable to use in a microwave oven. Some of them like Styrofoam containers, plastic bags, soft plastic, plastic wraps all these materials will release the toxic material into the food.

So, what are the best microwave oven containers, which are toxin-free and oven friendly?

What type of containers are used in the micro oven?

Before choosing a container for microwave oven cooking, it should have the following factors satisfied.

High Melting point

Symbol of microwave safe

Make sure the container should not get damaged

  • Firstly, the main thing here is to consider the melting point of a container used in a microwave oven ( read more ). As the heat produced in the microwave oven is strong enough to melt the plastic, So it suggested to use containers that are labeled only for microwave oven.
  • Generally, glass and ceramic containers are best for the microwave oven to use because of their high melting point. For glass, the melting point is about 1400°C to 1500°C where the microwave oven does not produce this amount of heat. But there are chances for brittle so do check for a microwave-safe symbol while purchasing.
  • The ceramic material is high in price but works best for the microwave. When it comes to the melting point of the ceramic it is above 3000°C which is impossible for a microwave to produce it. Ceramic materials like stoneware and porcelain are best to cook food in a microwave oven.
  • And also Paper plates, paper towels, paper bags, cloth potholders, or towels are also safe to use in the microwave oven. But beware of the greased paper products, this will easily catch fire.
  • Along with the glass and ceramic, we can also choose the plastic wraps, plastic boxes only if you see a microwave oven safe certification on them.
  • You can even test these containers in a microwave oven with a simple test. Place the empty container you want to test in the microwave oven along with another container with a cup of water in it. Close the door and set the oven for a 1-minute with minimum temperature. After 1 minute take out both the containers and examine the heat absorption by both the containers.
  • If the empty container you want to check remains cool, then it is a microwave oven safe. Or if it gets slightly warm then it should be used only reheating purposes and if the container is too hot to touch then it is not suitable for microwave oven cooking.
  • That’s it! we have seen all the necessary information on using the best containers in the microwave oven to avoid potential danger from the use of plastic in a microwave oven. Along with this is, I personally recommend everyone know how a microwave oven works to become a pro in handling things.

How does this Microwave Oven work?

Generally, it is one of the best sources of heating food within no time in our kitchens. It is an engineering marvel invention that gave us a lot of freedom from manual work and time.

The basic principle of microwave oven works on converting the electric energy into electromagnetic energy.

The working of a microwave oven consists of following physical parts, designated to their respective work.,

  • Magnetron – Used to produce the microwaves
  • Waveguide – Travelling medium of microwaves
  • Stirrer – a fan-like device to distribute the microwaves inside the oven
  • Glass plate – base support for the food

working of a magnetron

Working of a Microwave Oven

The working of a microwave oven starts with the magnetron, which is a key element in producing microwaves. As soon as you start your microwave oven the electronic vacuum chamber begins to produce the microwaves.

These microwaves released into the oven (the area we place our food), and the short radio waves will pass only through the specific waveguide fixed next to the magnetron. The stirrer which is at the top of the oven will allow the microwaves to spread evenly inside the oven.

Like the oven, a closed container the microwaves will move to and fro by reflecting the walls of the oven. Then, these microwaves will start penetrating into the food. The water molecules inside the food will vibrate with the microwave penetrations. These vibrations in the molecules will generate heat which helps to heat the food within a short period of time.

Here the water molecules in the food act as a dipolar element and get reacted to the magnetic field created by the radio waves penetration.

So, by using microwave radiation we heat our food in the oven.

For more understanding or visual presentation, please watch this video.


To wrap it up, it is quite evident that the food in the microwave oven heated up by the vibration of water molecules present inside the food. So, it is the microwaves, that are only a medium to heat the food. But it has no direct effect on our food.

Now, you can bake and cook your favorite dishes without any worry about your health.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q) Do microwaves change food? No, the microwaves in the Oven cannot change the taste of the food. Because the microwaves produced by ovens are very little ( in sense of frequency). It does not have an effective charge to create a chemical reaction inside the food. So, there is no chance of food to change inside the oven.

Q) What happens if you microwave food for too long? If we microwave food for a long time then the food gets burnt. Sometimes leads to catching the fire in the oven if we don’t pay any attention to it.

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