Can Standing Next to a Microwave Oven Causes Cancer?

Can Standing Next to a Microwave Oven Causes Cancer? Yeah, you read it right. This is one of the common questions a microwave oven user often asks our technical department and we answered it multiple times. Still, a few of them ask some or other questions related to the same topic. So, instead of individual answers, we decided to write a blog post where it answers all your questions in one place.

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So, Can Standing Next to a Microwave Oven Causes Cancer? In general, Standing near a microwave oven will not cause cancer. But the leakage of the microwave which emits radiation might cause cancer.

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Things you must know about radiation

Generally, the question about microwave oven radiation seems terrible because we use microwaves to cook our food. Talking about the radiation, we exposed to many radiations in our daily life which includes the radiation of wifi, mobile, radar, remote…etc. All these radiations non-ionized radiations that are not dangerous to human life.

As said earlier the leakage of the microwaves is the actual reason behind the cause of cancer. Let me explain how it happens.

microwave oven radiation

The actual threat to human life is from the ionizing radiations of X-rays, Gama rays from the x-rays machines, and radioactive elements. When you exposed to these types of ionizing radiation then there is a chance to have some serious health issues in the long run.

Radiation from the microwave extremely low-frequency radio waves non-ionized radiations (as shown in the picture). The frequency range of these radio waves is 1 million to 100 million hertz which is not much danger to human life.

But according to the American Cancer Society, if we exposed to microwave radiation continuously from a damaged or modified oven leakage, then there is a chance that it affects our health and causes some serious problems like headaches, insomnia, vision loss…etc.

So, things are clear up to now that the potential health problems occur only when you exposed to microwave radiation due to leakage of a microwave oven. This leakage might be with the loose contact of the door or frame material.

So, double-check your oven before you start using and save yourself from cancer. If that fails, buy the best microwave ovens to your kitchen and avoid all these problems.

How to check your Microwave Oven Leak radiation?

If you feel there is something wrong with your microwave oven, put your microwave oven to the leakage test.  So, if you are in the same situation and don’t know how to leak test your microwave oven then please watch the below video on how to do it.

Precautions Taken while using a microwave oven

Here are some precautions taken while using a microwave oven.

  • It is safe until you lock the door of the oven tightly. So, check for the proper working of the door latch.
  • Though it is not dangerous, it is better to stay 2 inches away from the oven while cooking. It works in the case of not knowing about the leakage.
  • A thorough check of the oven for the traces of leakage before every use.


According to the IET Code of Practice, it is always better to check for the leakage of the oven at appropriate intervals of time. If you find anything damaged or need modifying then fix it as soon as possible to be safe from the leakage radiation from the oven.

Frequently asked questions:

Q) How microwaves produced? According to science, the microwaves produced by the vacuum tube device like magnetron, klystron…etc with the ballistic moment of electrons operated in an electric/magnetic field.

Q) What is the frequency of microwaves? The frequency of short radio waves is roughly 2.5 GHz.

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