What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Using a Microwave Oven?

We may get stuck to the traditional cooking methods on hearing some faults about the modern cooking sensation microwave oven, which makes us not to buy it. Before buying we have to know the Advantages and Disadvantages of Using a Microwave Oven.

But it has many advantages to worth considering it, which proves the microwave oven is the best among the kitchen appliances.

It is quite common to have the advantages and disadvantages of an electronic device. So, it’s better to decide by first knowing the pros and cons of the microwave oven whether to buy it or not.

This article will help you in knowing the complete dissection of a microwave oven.

So, what are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Using a Microwave Oven? The main advantage of using a microwave oven is that it takes less time to heat food which is suitable for our busy lives. The disadvantage of a microwave oven according to the studies is microwave radiation leakage when the oven gets damaged.

In addition to this, there are many other advantages and disadvantages to know. If you are interested in knowing them in detail then scroll down further.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using a Microwave Oven

These advantages and disadvantages are compared to the normal oven which was used before the microwave oven evolution. For a better understanding of using a microwave oven, we must have a basic knowledge of the microwave oven.

Advantages and Dis-advantages using a microwave oven

So, let’s know about the Microwave oven and its working.

Microwave Oven

A microwave oven cooks food with the help of microwaves produced in the oven. This electric microwave oven converts the electric energy into the microwave radiation. This radiation makes the food hot by the dielectric heating method.


The main source for the production of microwaves is done by the magnetron.

This magnetron is a vacuum tube that turns the electrons to oscillate to the frequency equal to the frequency of microwaves and thus results in producing the microwaves.

Produced microwaves pass through the waveguide and reach the cooking chamber.

The presence of a stirrer at the top of the cooking chamber will allow the microwaves to spread evenly in the cooking chamber.

Here the microwaves get reflected by the reflecting material coated inside the oven.

The reflected microwaves then penetrate into the food and make the water molecules to vibrate.

As the water is a dipolar substance the microwaves produce friction by vibrating them.

However, friction is the one that results in heat production in food.

Thus the food gets heat by the water molecule’s vibration but not by the microwave radiation.

Now, get back to the main point of advantages and disadvantages of microwave oven

Take a look at the video which explains the microwave oven working in detailed

Click here for video

Advantages of Microwave Oven:

The following are some advantages of the microwave oven.

Takes less time to heat food:

As said earlier the microwave oven takes less time to cook food. Because the main reason behind the cooking is the vibration of water molecules by the reflected microwaves.

These microwaves vibrate the water molecules for about a million times in a second. So this results in fast cooking in a microwave oven.

No changes in Taste and Nutrition:

Because of the fast cooking method, it does not burn the food and retains the flavors and nutrition in it. We can get the food with the same flavors and nutrition full after cooking in the microwave oven.

Easy to clean:

This is a very useful advantage of a microwave oven, where the cleaning of the utensils and the cooking chamber of the oven is very easy.

Because the microwave oven makes only the food hot but not the utensils and also it does not make the food to stick around utensils. So, it is very easy to touch and clean the utensils with causing burns.

In addition, cleaning the cooking chamber is also easy because of the smooth finish inside the oven with a glass finish. It requires only a damp towel to wipe off the spills if you found any.

Helps in Defrosting

Deforesting is the drawback of many normal ovens. But a microwave oven is the best option to defrost the food. It melts and cooks the frozen food within a short span of time without the taste lost.

Less Energy Consumption- Automatic on/off

This is the budget advantage of using a microwave oven. It consumes less energy when compared to normal ovens. The wattage of the microwave oven is around 600 – 1200 watts.

And also the oven works on the automatic on/off options. After setting time and temperature the oven gets shut off after the cooking time is over. This will save the energy and time of the consumer.

Safe for children

Unlike normal ovens or gas stoves that produce more smoke and heat in the kitchen, the microwave oven is best over the smoke and heat in the kitchen.

Some microwave comes with a child lock facilities to keep it away from the children.

Disadvantages of Microwave oven:

Along with advantages, it is quite normal to have disadvantages of the microwave oven. And some of them are

Microwaves radiation leakage when damaged:

As radiation is a danger to humans we need it to consider it as the disadvantage of a microwave oven. The leakage happens only when there is damaged happened to the oven like holes in the surface of the cooking chamber, improper functioning of the door…etc

Though the microwaves are noon-ionized radiations of short radio waves, the continuous exposure to the microwave radiation leakage can cause some health problems like

  • Causing burns
  • Damage to the eyes(while looking into the oven with damaged protective mesh)
  • Less immunity
  • Change in Heart rate
  • Cancer cells formation

Food Poisoning – Uneven cooking

Due to the standing waves pattern in the microwave oven, the occurrence of hot spots and cold spots takes place in food. This results in food poisoning.

And also, the formation of hot spots and cold spots also depends on the shape and size of the food because the microwaves cannot penetrate into the food up to 1.5 inches. So, it also important to maintain the shape and size of the food, in order to avoid uneven cooking.

Gives dry food

This microwave cooks food by water molecules and reduces the water content in it which results in the formation if dry food. So, make sure that your food should have enough water content.

No options for Deep Frying

A microwave oven is used for all-purpose of cooking including what a convection oven can do but it cannot be used for the deep frying of food. This is the main drawback where people are looking for a frying option in it.


Hope that now you are aware of the advantages and disadvantages of using a microwave oven. Now, it is your turn to check for the things which are needed to consider for your cooking, grill, and baking and buy it on your budget.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does more wattage mean more heat? Yes, the more the wattage is a sign of the more heat production. Here the wattage is directly proportional to heat production in the microwave oven.

What oven temperature is safe for cooking meat and poultry?  The safe temperature for cooking meat and poultry in the microwave oven is around 162.8 °C.

Will microwaving kill bacteria? Yes, the heat produced in the oven kills the bacteria, germs but not the microwaves alone kill the bacteria in food.

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