6 Best Coffee Makers of 2020 | Types and Buyer Guidance

Best Coffee Makers

Most of the people can’t start the day without having a freshly prepared cup of coffee and call themselves as coffee addicts.  Now a day’s people are preferring to make coffee and are interested to get coffee makers. In that case here are some of the best coffee makers with features to buy.

Coffee makers not only brew a pot of Joe but also grind beans, to prepare specialty drinks like lattes and macchiato, iced coffee, etc. To make a smooth, flavorful coffee as in the cafe, we need the best coffee makers. There are several models and types of coffee makers available in the market.

For the people who drink coffee all day, getting a coffeemaker which comes with a mug or carafe is a great idea. By using the maker the coffee will be hot for a long time and we no need to prepare coffee again and again.

6 Best Coffee Makers of the Year 2020

Cuisinart DCC-3200P1 Perfectemp Coffee Maker

Cuisinart Coffee Maker

Cuisinart DCC-3200P1 Perfectemp Coffee Maker is a stainless steel maker that makes the kitchen counter modern and stylish. We can brew a little of 1-4 cups to 14 cups of coffee. The maker contains a carafe that has a stainless steel accent on the handle.

The coffeemaker also has a reusable gold-tone filter to make coffee easily. Cuisinart is fully automatic with 24-hour programmability, 1-4 cup setting, self-clean, and auto-off (0-4 hours). The maker gives hotter coffee without sacrificing the taste.

We can select bold or regular coffee flavor basing on the brew strength control. There is an option to adjust the temperature control to keep the coffee warm. People can start the day with one or many cups of coffee by this coffeemaker. The dimensions of the coffee maker are 7.75*9*14 inches with 8.75 pounds weight.

Cost: $99.99

Hamilton Beach 2-Way Brewer Coffee Maker

Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker

Hamilton Beach 2-Way Brewer Coffee Maker which serves a single cup or 12 cups of coffee. The maker has a 12 cup glass carafe. It is with standard size, at a single-serve side we can easily preserve the water by filling it once, and at the carafe side water preserved with extra-large capacity and can mark the measurements.

At the single-serve side brew basket consists of a mesh filter that holds the ground coffee. Also consists of multilevel cup rest to adjust/stacks to fit all the mug and cup sizes. We just add the grinds directly into the mesh filter to get hot and tasty coffee. The maker is automatic if we forget to turn off the machines hot plate retains the piping hot coffee and shuts off after two hours.

We can take advantage of a built-in programmable timer and clock to set the coffee drinking time of 24 hours in advance. With this setting, we can get the coffee ready whenever we want to have. The product dimensions are 10.63*12.2*13.7 inches and with weight 10.06 pounds.

Cost: $59.99

Keurig Maker Single-Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Maker

Keurig Maker Coffee Brew

Keurig Maker Single serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Maker is a perennial bestseller that brews a smooth, rich, and delicious cup of coffee at any time. The maker has multiple k-cup pod sizes to brews. Some of the pod sizes are 6, 8, 10 ounces. To get the strongest brew use 6 ounces pod size.

The maker has a large water reservoir of 48 ounces to brew 6 cups of coffee. The water reservoir is removable and can fill water when needed. We can descale the calcium deposits or scale which built inside the maker. The coffeemaker turns off automatically if it is kept idle for two hours, it saves power consumption and energy. The drip tray is removable.

The Keurig maker consists of simple touch buttons that make the brewing experience stress free. We can make our coffee strong, mild, flavored, and decaf by this coffeemaker. The product dimensions are 9.75*14*13.5 inches and with 2 pounds weight.

Cost: $89.99

OXO Brew 9 Cup Coffee Maker

OXO BREW 9 Cup CoffeeMaker

OXO BREW 9 cup coffee maker is of stainless steel with a capacity of 9 gallons. It is an SCA certified coffee maker with a microprocessor-controlled brew cycle which makes 2 to 9 cups of perfect coffee. In this coffeemaker, the water heated and held at a perfect temperature of 197.6 to 204.8 degrees Fahrenheit to make coffee.

The maker consists of a rainmaker shower head which evenly disperses water over the coffee grounds, by this process uniform saturation occurs and gets full flavor extraction. The coffeemaker also has intuitive LED interface quality with a backlit screen to display the coffeemaker status and freshness indicator.

The carafe of the maker is double-walled which keeps the coffee hot and fresh. It also has a 24-hour start timer and a single dial to program the number of cups of coffee. The dimensions of the product are 8.3*15*17.2 inches and with 7.7 pounds weight.

Cost: $149.99

Mueller Ultra Coffee Maker

Mueller Ultra Coffee Makers

Mueller Ultra Coffee Maker is a stainless steel maker with a capacity of 12 cups. We can select the regular or bold coffee flavor with the brew strength controller. We can make a pot full of coffee in this maker. The maker is having the pause and serve functions that help us to pour a cup of coffee at any time.

There is a special design carafe that ensures drip-free and coffee down to the last drop. We no need to drip or mess on the countertops of the machine and have an inbuilt water reservoir to fill easily and safely. It has one permanent coffee filter, we can save money from buying the paper filters.

Mueller designed to extract fully favorable coffee with a combined brew temperature up to 205 degrees and with a faster speed of tasty coffee. It has new features, brewing methods, and designs that delight the tastes and styles of American coffee. The dimensions of the product are 15.5*11.5*9 inches and with 5.49 pounds weight.

Cost: $39.99

BLACK+DECKER 5-Cup Coffee Maker

BLACK+DECKER 5-Cup Coffeemaker

BLACK+DECKER 5 Cup coffee maker is with compact design and handy cord storage. It is with one-touch operation and a non-stick ‘keep hot’ plate for hot coffee at any time without any hassle. The capacity of the coffeemaker is 5 cups with a water level indicator.

The coffeemaker has a dura life glass carafe with measurement marks to fill water accurately and an easy-grip handle to pour the coffee comfortably. It also has a water window to view the brewing process. The filter basket is removable, we can clean easily, and is dishwasher safe.

There is a lightened ON/OFF button to start and stop the coffeemaker. Water in the maker heated to the perfect temperature for ideal flavors of coffee. There is also a cord storage wrap within the unit to conveniently store. The dimensions of the product are 9.75*7.25*10.75 inches and with 2.5 pounds weight.

Cost: $25.69

Coffee Maker Types

There are many varieties of coffee makers, some of them are manual drip system, some are coffee presses, percolators, some are pod coffee makers, etc. Before buying the coffeemaker, think which type needed and suits to pick.

Drip Makers

Most common and automatic coffee maker. This type of coffeemaker has a chamber filled with water. We need to just load coffee into the filter basket and turn on the maker. The water gets heated and will drip through the filter and drops into the pot.

Pod Makers

Pod Coffee maker is new to the market. This type of coffee maker will force through a coffee packet known as Pod. The pod fits in the coffeemaker dispenser. Pod type maker is a bit expensive and also we have to buy specialized coffee refills for the machines.

Espresso Makers

Espresso is one of the most common types of coffee makers. The maker includes a stovetop model and a steam machine. The steam pushes hot water by the ground coffee. The coffeemaker is comfortable to use and readily available. People mostly use Espresso makers for their coffee needs.

Factors Considered Before Buying a Coffee Maker

Before buying the Coffee Maker we have to look into some factors like which type of machines, what type of brewing, and other factors. So below is the information to analyze the product before buying.

Capacity of Brew

First, we need to choose which brewing capacity fulfills our requirements. There are different brewing size coffee makers in the market from single-serve to a 14 cups carafe. If you are alone or family with different flavor preferences or families where everyone wakes up at different times can go with Single Serve. Large families or people who love to drink coffee a lot can go with large brewing capacity. The maximum brewing capacity ranges from 10 to 14 cups of coffee.

Frequency and Timing

Many people love to drink coffee frequently all day. Coffee Maker should have the capacity to brew multiple times in a day. Some people brew a large quantity of coffee at a time, so the coffeemaker must at least maintain the temperature for a few hours to keep the coffee hot.

Families that love to drink coffee all day have to choose the coffeemaker with a thermal carafe, it will keep the coffee hot and warm for a certain period. Some drink coffee only in the morning, for them, a glass brewer which has a warming plate is enough. Some people do not have time in the morning they can get pod machines to make a quick cup of coffee.

Strength and Flavor

People will be having their preferences in different flavors. So choose the coffeemaker that changes the brewing strengths when required like a stronger or lighter cups of coffee. Some coffee makers even do whipping hot chocolate, mocha or fancy cappuccino, tea, etc.

Brewing Time

Water when contacts the coffee grounds from which the flavor is extracted. In drip coffee makers the contact time of water with the coffee ground is just 5 minutes. In French Press it takes 2-4 minutes of contact, in Espresso it takes only a brief amount of time 20 to 30 seconds, for cold brew it takes about half a day i.e. 12 hours. Check the manual of the coffeemaker for more information.

Heating Plate

Coffee makers mostly come with a heating plate where a carafe sits. If we let the carafe sits on the hot plate for a long time the coffee tastes bitter and burnt. So to avoid that, look for other options where we can control the temperature settings of the carafe and buy the maker which comes with stainless steel carafe.

Brewing Options

The basic coffee maker does not have any special features than adding water with coffee grounds. Few of the coffee makers are coming with some features like water temperature, brew-strength, and brew style. So depending upon the usage required to choose the coffeemaker.

Coffee Machine Size

Before buying the machine take the measurements so that it fits and also the coffeemaker having top open mode and others. It does not any effect the flavor of the coffee. In single-serve coffee makers, we can fit our mugs instead of a carafe.

Temperature Settings

To brew a perfect coffee we have to maintain the optimal temperature between 195-205 degrees. Some of the makers brew either too high or low which results in loss of flavor and bitterness.

Few of the makers allow us to control the temperature so that the coffee will be tasty. If choosing a single-serve or espresso maker, the temperature must be low than the recommended one. 140 degrees Fahrenheit is the ideal temperature to make coffee.

Ease of Maintenance and Use

Maintaining a coffee maker is important. The coffee splatter and calcium built at the bottom can decrease the endurance and effects of the quality of the coffee.

The coffeemaker should be removable and dishwasher safe and according to the manufacturer mentions. Descale the calcium deposits on the carafe and inner walls of the machine is most important.

Every coffee machine must be descaled once a week. Choose single-serve maker as they don’t make a mess, we just need to trash the old pod and place the new one.


People have coffee in the morning to enhance their mood and kick start their day with energy. But when it comes to preparation of coffee in the morning mood is a bit challenging.

By using the coffee makers we can make a good cup of coffee and also experience the café at home. In this article, we suggested 6 best coffee makers with buyer guidance.


Do all the Coffee Makers have an automatic turn off an option?

No, not all the coffee makers have the automatic turn off option, but most of the modern machines are having this feature.

Do Coffee Makers consume more electricity?

Coffee makers consume 750 to 1500 watts of power to make 6 to 10 cups of coffee. For large families, a lot of brewing is required and it impacts the electricity bill. If we brew only 4 to 5 cups of coffee per day then the power bill will not be affected.

Which type of coffee maker is the fastest?

Single-serve and automatic drip brewer coffee makers are the fastest to make coffee.

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