Vet Wrap for Pets & Humans | How to use Vet Wraps for pets?

Vet Wrap

Vet wrap is a self-adherent bandage, which sticks to itself but not to any other surfaces. It is a veterinary medical fabric first introduced to horses. Vet wraps are stretchy and flexible, its elastic quality is durable.

It provides support to stop the pressure of bleeding. If we use the wrap properly with padding like gauze pads the circulation will not cut off.

Mostly the wraps used to wrap on limbs and commonly used on the horse legs and livestock. They are used on humans also. They used not only horses but also dogs, cats, and birds.

The wraps are sturdy and used in different ways for various pets. Vet wraps come in multiple colors and sizes, they are water-resistant, non-sticky, and lightweight.

Vet Wrap for Horses

Consult a veterinarian before treating a wounded animal with vet wrap and make sure whether we are giving proper care. We can use the wrap in countless ways but its main purpose is for animal care.

As the wraps are not sticky we can use them on fur. They do not require additional pins or clips while dressing.

Vet Wraps for Horses

The main use of the vet wrap is for horse leg wounds. When wrapping the horse’s wound make sure to use padding and dressing bottom.

It is sometimes not only used as a bandage but also to hold dressing and to apply pressure on the wounded area. Before securing with the wrap to an open wound, apply a dressing and if needed apply padding to the wound.

Vet Wraps for Horses

Horses hooves are very sensitive and even get cysts and injuries very often. It is the best when wrapping bandage to the horse’s feet. Vet wrap used to hold the cotton or gauze padding around the hoof. It is ideal to use for horse feet because it is sweat and water-resistant.

Vet Wraps for Dogs & Cats

For Dogs

Dogs having wounded paws can be wrapped with wraps after applying bandage or gauze at the wounded area. For dogs, we need to make sure that the end of the wrap is back of the paw so that the dog cannot find it and chew off the bandage, in that case, we can use additional dressing tape.

Vet Wraps for Dogs

Dogs sometimes get sprain in their legs, we can wrap so that the sprain will get healed. In this case, we should not wrap too tightly and must leave enough space for our fingers to fit in the bandage. Wraps do not stick to the fur so it is perfect to give support to the leg.

For Cats

Same as the dog, if cats have a wounded paw we need to wrap it with the vet wrap. Cats are more difficult than dogs, so first we need to wrap them in a towel before applying vet wrap.

Apply gauze or bandage to the paw and then wrap lightly with wrap. We also must apply extra tape or e-collar so that cat cannot rip off the band-aid.

Wrap for Cats

Uses of Vet Wrap

  • Vet wrap is used for a sprained wrist or ankle not only for animals but also for humans.
  • To secure a splint, it is used in place of rope, twine, or even torn fabric.
  • It is also used as a sling for Shoulder or Arm Injuries. The wrap has 5 yards of roll with 2 and 4 inches wide sizes. So we can wrap quickly and easily.
  • Used as an eye patch, first put some gauze or handkerchief and then wrap it around the head with it.
  • The wrap designed for the wound care of animals and also it worked for humans.
  • Vet wrap is used also as a headband, ponytail holder, protects ears from wind, protects against blisters, as a scarf, and also as a belt or suspender.
  • They are also used as slings for carrying things, like a bag or basket, as cordage, wire organization, emergency muzzle, tether, anti-slip surface, etc.
  • We can use it to quiet something that makes noise, as a potholder, and even as a blindfold.

Wraps uses

Where to Buy

There are different brands in the market to sell Vet Wraps. They are of different colors and available with a single piece to the pack of 24. There are various sizes from 1 inch to 4 inches.

Some of the bestselling brands of Vet Wraps are:

Vet Wrap Cost Where to Buy
Self-Adhesive Bandage Wrap, Cohesive Tape (4 in. x 5 yds., 12 Pack) By Juvale Store $16.99 Click Here
WePet Vet Wrap, 12 Rolls $13.99 Click Here
WildCow Vet WRAP Bulk Bandage Tape (2, 3 OR 4 INCH 12 Color Pack) $23.95 Click Here
Ever Ready First Aid Self Adherent Cohesive Bandages 2″ x 5 Yards – 6 Count, Rainbow Colors $8.95 Click Here
Self-Adherent Wrap 2 Inches X 5 Yards by SUPERBE $11.99 Click Here
Vet Wrap for Dogs Horses Cat Pet, 4 Inch x 5Yards, 10 Rolls by LotFancy Store $14.84 Click Here


Can we use Vet Wraps for Humans?

Many of the people love vet wrap even more than animals. Humans use it for creating costumes and throwing vet wrap parties. Apart from that humans use them in their household problems as support, gripping, or organizing can be solved.

What is Vet Wrap?

Vet wrap is a self-adhering bandage mostly used for pets to support and provide enough pressure to stop bleeding in animals. As it is self-adhering it sticks to itself but not to other surfaces. The elastic quality is durable, flexible, and stretchy.

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