How to set up Betta Fish? what are the Best Plants for Betta Fish?

Betta Fish

Betta fish also called “Siamese Fighting Fish” or “Labyrinth Fish” which are fighting for their lives. The scientific name is Betta splendens. Betta fish are sensitive and complex individuals greatly suffered when exploited in the pet trade. These fish are from Asia and live in slow-moving streams, shallow water marshes, and ponds.

Male bettas build bubble nests for their babies with mouth and protect from predators, so they called as devoted fathers. Like humans, betta fish are active during the day and sleep at night to get good rest and known as diurnal. The wild and vast majority of them sold in the U.S.

Set up a Betta Fish Tank

Setting up an aquarium and maintain it properly of any fish is an expensive, complex, and time-intensive that most of the people do not realize. No fish must be kept in a tank smaller than 10 gallons. Do not use municipal tap water because of chlorine and chloramine that kills the fish, so purify the water and then add to the tank.

Set up the tank with properly working filter, decorations like plant lights, and substrate for betta fish. The water in the tank must be cycled for several weeks before the fish is added. So that beneficiary bacteria grows that then converts the fish waste into nitrates. Clean the tank to remove the nitrates regularly, 10% of the water has to be removed and replaced with fresh water every week.

Best Plants for Betta Fish

Like many other fish, bettas feel happy when their tank displayed as a natural environment. Betta fish are more happy, comfortable, and healthy in large spaces with thick flora.

Here are some of the best plants for Betta fish.

Water Sprite

Water Sprite best plants for betta fish

Water Sprite is treated as a beta fish playground, bettas always hang out with these plants. People who want to admire betta fish will choose these ferns and also these plants are one of the favorites for the betta fish. Water Sprites will also thrive in high light environments. This plant is the beginner that fits well for any betta tank.

These plants grow very fast that makes the fish a good nutrient sponge but sometimes this is also a nuisance. Water Sprite plants are floating plants that float and cover the surface of the water so that betta fish builds bubble nests. This is one of the easiest plants to trim after growing by simply cutting the stem and discard the leaves and prevent the rotting of leaves in the tank.


Anacharis for bettas

Anacharis is one of the fast-growing bright green plants and also popular in fish keeping. This species of plants are known to help filter toxins and control algae growth by soaking nutrients and create shade. This plant is one of the best plants for betta fish. These plants are also floating plants and can also plant and best for the aqua spacing of the tank.

These types of plants grow into the thick forest and act as a hiding place for betta fish and also spot for sleep or rest. Anacharis with rich growth and soft leaves are a favorite of plant-eating fish and snails. These plants grow and love light but if the light is dim the plant will drop its lower leaves. Further, this creates a threadbare that looks ugly and cautioning for more light.


Pennywort for Betta Fish

Pennywort is one of the resourceful aquarium plants that thrive as a floating plant on the surface of water or planted inside the tank. We can easily take care of this plant and grows with a very low light requirement. This is also one of the popular plants for betta fish. This plant is even consumable for humans and has a flavor of spicy black pepper.

This plant naturally drifts to the surface as per inch for a week to soak light. By this, it creates cover for betta fish. It also tends to cover the surface fastly, so make sure to trim the plant accordingly. Pennywort is a quite interesting plant to grow and also appeals perfectly for betta tanks.



The tank owners often love and hate the Duckweed. It is a unique surface plant that gives a swampy natural look to the tank. It is good at sucking excess nutrients that help bettas but other surface dweller plants feel less exposed in water. This duckweed grows fastly and once grown we cannot eradicate in a tank. This plant will float and sink with any sort of current.

Eradicate the duckweed thoroughly that a single weed remaining will become more in a few days. An excess of duckweed will also block the light needed for the low-level plants and stops the growth also sometimes. By arranging a plastic ring we can corral the duckweed occupying the surface in the tank.

Amazon Frogbit

Amazon Frogbit for water tank

Amazon frogbits are the best plants for betta fish and an alternative for duckweed. It grows larger that makes it easier to weed and maintain. Its roots are also large by giving the bettas and other fish a complex environment to navigate and build nests in the tank.

Like duckweed, this plant is also a nutrient sponge and will shade out anything under it. We need to either protect the surface from its growth or allow additional light. It is easy and sometimes hardy to grow and will have plenty of it in no time.


The idea of getting a betta fish into the aquarium is a bad idea because it is not capable of growing in small unfiltered water tanks. So al the betta fish owners have to take special care by providing a natural and healthier environment. Make sure that the bettas are convenient in the tank by playing, resting, sleeping, and sometimes hiding.


What other fish can live with betta fish?

The other fish that can live along with bettas are Cory catfish, neon and ember tetras, ghost shrimps, African dwarf frogs, guppies, and kuhli loaches.

How to clean a betta fish tank with live plants?

Before cleaning the betta fish tank, prepare water replaced with the required temperature first. Take the bettas from the tank and place them in a mug and cover it so that the betta will not jump. Remove everything in the tank-like, gravel, stones, rocks, etc. clean thoroughly so that all the debris and waste removed. Scrub them if needed. After cleaning, pour fresh and clean water, replace every ornament and place the bettas back into the tank.

Why is my betta fish rubbing on plants?

Bettas try to rub on plants to get off from any unwanted pests in the body. This leads to fungal infection and sometimes due to illness or poor water conditions.

What plants go well with betta fish?

Some of the best plants for betta fish to grow well are Amazon Sword, amazon Frogbit, Java Moss, Java Fern, Water Sprite, Anacharis, Pennywort, etc.

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