Best Gel Pillow of 2021 for Side Sleepers with Buyer Guidance

What is a Gel Pillow?

While a sleeping pillow is a foundation for the neck and head, it is essential to get the perfect balance of comfort and even a cooling touch. A cooling gel pillow helps the sleeper to maintain a comfortable temperature and not to feel too warm. The gel pillow is which contains individual gel layers or pillows with gel-infused and memory foam that are good for side sleepers. Before buying the best gel pillow, people must test different pillow models and make sure the temperatures match them.

There are many types and models of gel pillows available in the market. The pillows are mainly filled with gel-infused foam, shredded, which offers an adjustable loft and highly mouldable. People like single–piece gel-infused foam pillows that provide close conforming and excellent shape retention in most cases.

Best Gel Pillow

For people who are looking for the best gel pillow, below are some of them with features.

Qutool Adjustable Gel Pillow

Qutool is an adjustable gel pillow with an ergonomic and cooling design for sleeping. Unlike other traditional pillows, this gel pillow is with shredded memory foam that supports the head, neck, shoulders and allows drifting off into uninterrupted slumber without any second thought. The pillow’s cover is 48% bamboo fiber rayon and 52% polyester; the inner cover is with a smooth, hypoallergenic fiber liner.

Qutool Memory Foam Pillow

The pillow made from premium cross-cut gel memory foam and microfiber blend, infused gel particles that help draw out the heat and keep the comfortable temperature throughout the night. The height of the pillow is adjustable and helps to fall asleep faster. We can add or remove the inside stuff of the pillow according to the required height.

Qutool is best and perfect for back, stomach, and side sleepers. It is easily washable and before washing, remove the outer cover. Do not use bleach and dry the inside filling in at a ventilated place. Before using the pillow for the first time, remember to squeeze and pat the pillow to expand to its shape. Place the pillow in the dryer for 5 to 10 minutes to speed up the fluffing process right out of the package.

Cost: $28.99

SORMAG Bed Pillow

SORMAG gel pillow is the best gel pillow with a three-dimensional design that supports from different angles to fall asleep faster. It is perfect for comfy back, stomach, face, couch, and side sleepers. It is ergonomically designed towards the shape of the body and also provides softness and comfort. Make sure that the physiological curvature of the neck is not deformed.

SORMAG pillow for side sleepers

The SORMAG gel pillow keeps the head and neck aligned with a spine for a comfortable sleeping position. The material the pillow made is with 100% Egypt long-staple cotton, which stays soft, breathable, and dry. This pillow will not cause any harm to the body. It is filled with super plush gel fiber and the most exemplary fiber filter from Germany inside the pillow.

It helps with neck pain, shoulder pain, surgery recovery, disc problems, upper back pain, snoring, and even headaches. The pillow is washable easily in the machine, drying, and also reversible. If the pillow appears concave, place it under the sun for about 2 to 3 hours regularly for healthier use. It is also hypoallergenic with 100% cotton.

Cost: $34.99

Sleep Restoration Bed Pillow

Sleep Restoration designed for maximum comfort to get the sleep back on track. It is soft to touch and natural cooling and used in all seasons. It is made with nontoxic chemicals, and alternative filling provides an allergen-free and comfortable sleep—the bed pillows for sleeping encased in 250TC and 100% cotton cover.
Sleep restoration pillows are with an anti-shift design and high.

Sleep Restoration gel layers & Memory foam pillow

Sleep restoration pillows are with an anti-shift design and high-quality materials that keep their shape without distorting and bunching no matter how much time it is used. These pillows are stain-resistant that bounces back with outperforms memory foam and easy options. Sleep restoration is the best gel pillow for side sleepers as they mildew and mold.

Unlike other shredded foam pillows, these are easy to clean, pop them in the washing machine and tumble dry for a peaceful sleep. With its plush bounce-back design, we can sleep in any position but will not shape out and can have a catnap. It also keeps the pillow cool and offers relief.

Cost: $39.99

Weekender Ventilated Gel Pillow

Weekender Ventilated gel pillow is cool and comfortable with soft gel-infused memory foam. It cradles the neck, head, and shoulders to provide high-quality support, pressure relief, and temperature-regulating respite. It is also designed to hold up to hospitality standards and will sure to maintain comfort at home. The pillow super conveniently compressed and rolled in a box.

Weekender Ventilated for side sleepers

The pillow comes in three different dimensions to choose from and with a comfortable mid-loft design. It is suitable for back, stomach, and even side sleepers. Weekender comes with an ultra-soft removable cover to maintain quality through multiple washes to make sure a fresh and straightforward experience night after night.

With the pin core technology, this pillow creates a ventilated design that optimizes air circulation for excellent airflow and temperature control. The foam is soft and supportive CertiPUR US certified memory that provides superior pressure relief and comfort.

Cost: $29.99

Buyer Guidance

People who want to purchase a gel pillow have to consider some factors to keep in mind before.

Sleep Position

Every individual sleeping position is different. Some sleep on the back, some on the stomach, some sleep side, and some people change their positions. Different types of pillows, like flat, firm, medium-firm, etc., buy the pillow according to the sleep position. A medium-firm gel pillow will work for combination sleepers.

Gel Pillow Types

There are different gel pillow types like single-piece foam, shredded foam, shredded memory foam, etc., which makes the pillow fluffier, mouldable, and promotes airflow more than solid foam pillows. Some gel pillows have layers of gel along with the interior and some gel layers on the surface. So select one which also has cooling beads.

Proper Usage of Pillow

Gel pillows are available in various sizes and shapes. People have to take extra consideration when compared to other types of pillows. Get a more comfortable gel pillow and usage.


Gel pillows are available from $25 to $50 in the market. So choose according to the budget that people willing to spend money on this.


Look for a warranty that comes with the pillow; the warranty depends on the quality and manufacturer and more into consideration.


There are several varieties of firmness options to get a gel pillow. Firmness can be adjustable by adding or removing the filling. Again depending on the sleeping position, so select the best gel pillow according to the requirement.

Pillow Shape

Different shapes and sizes of pillows are available in the market. Some are traditional, some are convoluted, and some are curved in shape. Select the pillow by giving it a few minutes to confirm whether it suits the head and neck to adjust.

Break-In Period

Most memory foam pillows need a break-in period of a few days or weeks before to feel comfortable with them. Try to sleep in the position we usually sleep in the break-in period after some days; it becomes soft.


How often we change or replace the Gel pillow?

People who use ordinary polyester pillows have to change or replace them every six months. Gel pillows and memory foam pillows last for a few years or even for a long time, depending on the material quality. We also can replace when we stop feeling comfortable as before.

Who should use Gel pillows?

Hot sleepers, side sleepers, pregnant women, and allergens with certain pillow materials can go with Gel Pillows.


Individuals can go for the best gel pillow available online with many customer reviews and ratings. Look according to options available, whether for their gel pillow contouring benefits or only cooling heat dispersing. There are different types and models of gel pillows that everyone cannot easily choose one. Still confused with this article’s features, then go for previous customer reviews and look for their lovely comments.

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