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Motorcycle Tank Bag

Most people like riding a motorcycle and it is one of the best feelings in the world. We feel like driving a motorcycle gives freedom and happiness that we cannot get from other types of vehicles. We can experience the fresh air and open roads, they are wonderful until we observe that we do not have enough space for our belongings and must carry a backpack for it. Now we look for a motorcycle tank bag to keep the belongings.

Every motorcyclist important investment is a motorcycle tank bag which helps to keep all the essential items and carry along all the time.

We can store wallets, keys, mobile phones, and even groceries. Like all the other bike accessories we need to choose the best motorcycle tank bag according to the quality and price.

Best Motorcycle Tank Bag

To choose the best motorcycle tank bag below are some of them with detailed features

JFG Racing Motorcycle Seat Bag Tail Bag

Motorcycle Seat Bag Tail Bag

JFG Racing motorcycle bag is one of the best tank bags, fits most of the motorcycles, dirt bikes, enduro, and dual sport. It also used as shoulder bags and handbags to move easily. The bag is with a classic look and with features we all want. We can store a wallet, phone, camera, cigarettes, energy drinks, and even helmet in the tank bag, this bag is also having an expandable bottom section to enlarge the space for storage. Some people feel as decoration to the motorcycle with its modern design.

The bag made with high-quality PU leather, it is water-resistant so that we can use it even on rainy days. This tank bag easy to install, we have to tie them to the motorcycles cushion with the two strips. Tighten the straps and fasten with the four buckles. This product comes with one rear seat bag, one rain cover, one shoulder strap, and buckle straps.

Cost: $34.99

KaTur Motorcycle Backseat Tank Bag

KaTur Motorcycle Backseat Tank Bag

KaTur Tank bag is one of the best motorcycle tank bags, fits almost all the motorcycles, dual-sport, dirt bike, and enduro. The bag is not only for the tank but also used as a rear bag, handbag, and even shoulder bag. It is made with high quality super light PU leather which is tear-resistant and water-resistant so that we can use it in rainy days also. The bag is durable and used as a backseat saddlebag.

This bag is perfect for motorcycles for its multifunctional compact, for dirtbag with a two-liter capacity. We can store motor kits, keys, energy drinks, etc. Installation of the tank bag is easy, we just need to tie them back seat bag to the motorcycles cushion with two strips and tighten it, fasten it with four buckles.

Cost: $23.99

Nelson-Rigg Trails End Adventure Motorcycle Tank Bag

Nelson-Rigg Trails End Adventure Bag

Nelson-Ring Tank bag is with top quality UltraMax polyester and having maximum UV protection. There are new quick-release straps for fast mounting and refueling. The bag comes with a shape and reflects piping and also as a lined interior. Nelson-Rigg is a small motorcycle tank bag with more features.

The bag comes with a clear map pocket which is a touch screen device friendly. This bag comes with mounting straps, rain cover, and installation instructions. The bag consists of a reverse coil zipper that helps to keep out the dirt and dust, the zippers are with smooth working.

Cost: $82.14

Best Magnetic Motorcycle Tank Bag

Coleman Magnetic Motorcycle Tank Bag

Coleman Magnetic Motorcycle Tank Bag

Coleman Magnetic Bag is one of the best magnetic motorcycle tank bag made with durable 1680D polyester. The specialty of this bag is it is the magnetic small motorcycle tank bag with a magnet that attaches the bag to the fuel tank. The bag comes with scratch resistance and with the non-slip bottom will keep the bag in place without damaging the tank. We can carry the gear safely and securely with this bag.

The bag featured with a roomy, expandable zipper cargo compartment and with a clear and convenient map pocket on the top so that we no need to remove it from the compartment. This bag is with a two-year warranty.

Cost: $33.87

TUXI Motorcycle Tank Bag

TUXI Tank Bag

TUXI is one of the best magnetic tank bag made with durable 1680D Oxford fabric material. It is water-resistant and will keep all the things stored in the bag from breaking and secure even the phone because of its extremely strong and durable nature. It has a specially designed transparent cell phone bag on the top. TUXI bag comes with a powerful magnet that makes the bag attach to the fuel tank.

The magnetic tank bag has four pockets, we can store cards, money, tools, etc. This bag suits motorcycles, tricycles, and cross-country motorcycles. We also can use the tank bag as a handbag and convenient for short trips. TUXI bag is scratch-resistant and slip-resistant does not damage the tank surface.

Cost: $19.99

Factors considered Before Buying

Before purchasing the Tank Bag we need to consider some factors, even though this is a simple product we need to check the price and quality first.

Type of Bag

There are many types of motorcycle tank bags in the market, some of them are attached and some are tied with straps to the fuel tank. Tank bags with straps are more secure but they may cause scratches for the fuel tank, these bags take a long time to remove or install.

Bags with magnet use strong magnets to attach the bag to the fuel tank. These bags best suit for riders running lots of errands because they need to remove and install fast. But these bags are easy to steal and the fittings of this bag will also scratch the fuel tank surface, sometimes due to high speed the bag may slip and fall on our laps. So choose the bag according to your speed and usage of the motorcycle.

Size and Compartments

If you need a tank bag for the motorcycle, the first thing to consider is how much of stuff you are likely to put into the bag. If you want to store the helmet also into the bag then go with the bag with more storage and lockable. Choose the bag with more compartments and storage capacity according to your requirement.

Map Pockets

Map pockets are essential for a tank bag, they must be large, clear, and waterproof so that we can keep smartphones or paper maps in it. By using this map pockets we can enable the GPS while driving. If the bag is also touchscreen we no need to remove out from the bag and can access by scrolling the map.


The best motorcycle tank bag comes with high quality which is waterproof, weatherproof and also must have rain cover in it. The bag must last long and also strong with durability. Polyester is the best material for these tank bags.


There are different types of bags with different features. So choose one which suits your budget and you can afford it.

Extra Features

Extra features in a tank bag include non-slip coating at the bottom of the bag so that bag will not slip, look for non-scratch surfaces so that the fuel tank paint will not get damaged. So choose the bag with these features.


So now finding the best tank bag is not an easy task and people get confused with the different models in the market. If you are the person with not much time to spend and buy the one, go through the buyer guidance and the motorcycles in this article, which will help you to purchase.


How much will the motorcycle tank bag hold?

A motorcycle tank bag holds according to its capacity, on moving bike >15kg can be held on the petrol tank. According to the field test high speed at 130 km/hrs. Speed will afford 15 kg weight when checked with magnetic adhesion to the fuel tank.

What is a tank bag motorcycle?

A tank bag motorcycle is a best friend for the riders. It comes with two types first is with straps and the other with strong magnets.

How to secure a motorcycle tank bag?

To secure a tank bag, use straps type by mounting and wrapping the straps. Make sure not to interfere with the straps with wires or cables of the motorcycle.

How to sew a motorcycle tank bag?

To sew a motorcycle tank bag, first, take a heavy grade PVC or canvas. Cut the canvas a hole as the exact same size of the fuel tank filler hole which creates a snug it and sew it at the motorcycle place only.

What is the size of the black Cortech Dryver medium tank bag organizer?

The size of the black Cortech Dryver medium tank bag is with dimensions 15*8.8*5.9 inches and with weight 2.7 pounds.

What to keep in your motorcycle’s tank bag?

We can store things like sunglasses, lip balm, sunscreen which are small and easily stored, LED Flashlight, Tool kits, money, phone, and its accessories, earplugs, maps, food, gloves, and also first aid kit in the tank bag.

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