5 Best Motorcycle Dash Cam | Types, Benefits & Buyer Guidance

Motorcycle Dash Cam

If you are looking for the best motorcycle dash cam and unable to find one that lasts for a long time? Then this article helps you and gives information about the benefits, types, and factors to be noted while purchasing the product.

A motorcycle dashcam for a bike can boost protection safety and allows you to check the riding skills, and also capture the incidents on the road easily.

Choosing the best motorcycle dash cannot be easy as the market is full of hundreds of products.

Here are a few of the best motorcycle dash cams and the benefits and types of motorcycle dash cams. To remove confusion, buyer guidance is also available.

Go through the post and buy the perfect and best motorcycle dashcam for your motorcycle.

Types of the best dash cam

There are two types of motorcycle dashcams:

  • Herewith reference to this product, the word “Channel” refers to the number of cameras featured in the motorcycle dashcam. Most of the consumers used single-channel dash cams in front of the motorcycle. The single-channel dash cam is also called a front-facing dash camera. It has forward facing lens that only records the front of the motorcycle.
  • The other type is a dual-channel dashcam with forward-facing cameras and a secondary cam to record footage from the rear of the motorcycle. The second rear-view camera is useful if someone hits the motorcycle from behind and the extra footage is used as evidence in an accident.

Motorcycle Dash Cam Benefits

  • The first and for most benefit is to record accidents. In case of unfortunate and uncommon motorcycle crashes that happen, the dashcam will record the accident’s footage. That recorded footage will help us determine the mistake is someone else’s or our mistake.
  • In some cases, if we need to go to court for an accident with the motorcycle, the dashcam will provide the evidence to prove what happened exactly. If needed, we can provide the footage to the insurance company for claiming insurance.
  • Some vehicles hit and run, and you may be the victim sometimes. So we can gather information using the dashcam. Some dash cam is good that it can also provide with the license plate number.
  • By using motorcycle dashcams, we can record the travel document. Sometimes if we are riding on a scenic road, we can capture the footage and watch it later or even share it with our friends.

Features to be considered

  • The best dash cam systems are constructed with high-quality materials. The low-quality material will not last long and affect durability. Buy the camera built solidly and last for several years. If not we need to spend money on replacing.
  • The dash cam for cars will stay inside and not be exposed to the elements. But in the case of motorcycles, the dashcam must allow snow, rain, and temperature. So before buying, check the dash cam, whether it is waterproof or water-resistant. The dash cam must also be capable of resisting rain, heat, etc., that are so harsh weather.
  • The video quality is a must while considering buying a dashcam. The resolution with top-end cams is either 1440P or 1080P. Do not get the cameras with 720P (HD). The resolution is very poor for this type of camera. Depending on the resolution, the camera has its quality.
  • Choose the dashcam that has a great feature of Auto ON/OFF. When the ignition on and starts recording and off automatically when the ignition is off, the camera must be on. With this feature, we no need to ON/OFF every time you get on a bike.
  • If you are a rider and often travels, you will have to capture a lot of footage. With the loop recording, we no need to change the SD card. Loop recording will overwrite when its data reaches its limit.
  • Choose the best dash cam smaller in size with more discrete, because not to draw attention to it and sometimes thieves may steal it off your bike.
  • Motorcycle dash cam’s recordings are harder to see when compared to cars, so choose the dash cam with modern technology and simple control. We can easily track the footage. Some of the dash cams are having remotes for access.
  • The dash cam, which is with a wide-angle camera of at least 120 degrees, g-sensors that detect vibrations, night vision, GPS tracking, record on SD card, and software apps that connect to mobile phones or computers are the other additional features to be considered before buying.

Best Motorcycle Dash Cams

Below are the 5 best motorcycle dashcams with features and prices.

WonVon MT011 Motor cam

WonVon MT011 Motorcam

WonVon Motorcam is with a compact design motorcycle drive recorder and with the body having a sense of unity. The installation button is easy to operate and reasonable. The front and rear cameras are both waterproof and dustproof. We can use the devices on rainy days also. The GPS module and remote control are also waterproof.

The motorcycle dash cam has two 200W lenses and records the front and backside of the vehicle simultaneously. The lens is from Sony with IMX323 provides excellent image quality even in dim light at night or in tunnels. The lens angle is 160 degrees, the driving situation before and after is recorded in a larger range. The continuous, shock, and loop recording functions make the driving recorder suitable for work, travel, and accident.

We can record the voice and detect the sudden braking recorded will be locked automatically. The dash cam also has a remote control. The new recordings will overwrite the old ones when the SD card is full. The motorcycle dash cam has a Wi-Fi function, the videos are recorded saved to even the smartphone. The device also has a waterproof GPS module. It is made with aluminum alloy and is an anti-theft handle bracket.

Cost: $129.99

Youzpin 1080P HD Motorcycle Camera

Youzpin 1080P HD Motorcycle Camera Dash Cam

Youzpin is with 140 degrees front lens recording and 100 degrees rear lens recording. The lens is HD and waterproof, which allows enjoying a clear image. The dashcam has seamless loop video recordings. There is a 6 layer glass lens, no deformation, high-temperature resistance, stable performance, and good light transmittance.

The front camera lens 1920*1080P, and the rear camera lens 640*480P HD pixels. Connect the dashcam directly to the motorcycle, and it automatically records when the power is on. The dash cam’s front and rear camera dual lens are with the electronic recorder.

Cost: $35.99

Tbest Motorcycle DVR Dash Cam

Motorcycle DVR Dash Cam

Tbest Motorcycle DVR dash cam is with 3 inches full HD LCD. The high video resolution is 1280*720, so that the image will be very clear. The lens is 130 degrees pull-out angle that provides a wider viewing angle for the driving record. The dash can supports loop recording, provides more space for recording, and also supports memory cards.

Tbest comes with an emergency lock and support parking monitoring to assure safety. The dashcam has a motorbike recorder front and rear camera with g-sensor. The cam supports languages like Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, English, German, Japanese, French, Portuguese, Korean, Italian, Russian, Czech, Polish, Thai, and Spanish.

Cost: $88.19

INNOVV K2 Dual Channel Motorcycle Motorcam

INNOVV K2 Dual Channel Motorcyle Motocam

INNOVV is with a waterproof design and a durable and efficient system when touching harsh elements. It has a K2s smart power supply module that provokes the parking mode automatically and monitors the vehicle when we were away. We can review the live recordings and toggle device settings using the INNOVV app on Apple or Android devices.

We can track, explore, and share the recording by tagging GPS. The speed and location data are also recorded in each video file. The camera is from Sony with an EXMOR R-CMOS sensor that operates in a wide and dynamic range. The video captured footage is full HD 1080P at 30fps.

Cost: $338

THINKWARE Sports M1 Dashcam

THINKWARE Sports M1 Dash Cam for Motorcycle

T HINKWARE is with the front, and rear recording with Sony starves. It records crystal clear and cinematic full HD 1080P videos from the front and rear cameras in both day and night time. This cam is equipped with Advanced Electronic Image Stabilization. The M1wil reduce vibrations and minimize motion blurring while recording, and ensures smooth and steady video.

The dashcam is designed for durability and waterproof, and withstand to record in the harshest conditions. The camera automatically gets on when the motorcycle on and off when we stop the ignition. It has built-in Wi-Fi and can access through Apple/Android mobile app to share and download.

Cost: $349.99


How to install the dash cam on a motorcycle?   

Connect front and rear cameras to the DVR, connect the USB power cable to the power supply or a USB charger. After the machine is turned on, load the TF memory card and format it in the setlist. If all goes well, you can start to install it on your motorcycle.

How long is the recording time on a motorcycle dash cam before it overrides?

The recordings override according to the memory of the SD card if the SD card is with 32GB will hold up to four hours of footage when recorded at 720p HD or full 1080p HD  at 30 frames per second, and the cam records approximately two hours of footage recorded at 1440p Quad HD.

Does Dash Cam record Speed?

No, GPS records the accurate speed and location data for Dash Cam while driving. This also will keep track of vehicles’ physical location to show the traveled route and speed.

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