Best Heat Gun 2022 – Uses and Buying Guidance to Purchase

A heat gun is used to emit a hot air stream between 100 degrees Celsius to 550 Degrees Celsius. The guns usually have elongated body painting form to be heated with the fixed handle at a trigger and right angles as a handgun. Different gun models are available in the market; getting the best heat gun harbor freight, DeWalt gun, Wagner heat gun is easy to use.

best wagner heat gun

Before purchasing the best gun, the essential factor to consider is safety. Sometimes, guns will be dangerous, so keep that in mind and choose the one designed for safety.

Make sure not to suffer from accidents like burns or melting when using. It resembles a gun and is widely used in commercial sectors and industries.

However, we can also use the gun for crafty work or repair at home. These guns are mainly for shrinking, welding, and drying purposes.

Heat Gun Uses

The uses of the gun are for commercial sectors and at home. Below are the benefits of the best gun harbor freight.

  • We can defrost the frozen pipes in cold winters.
  • The gun can peel off the paint on large surfaces and walls.
  • The gun removes vehicle dents and heat the damaged area for a perfect finish.
  • Gas-powered and industrial guns are used to perform heavy-duty jobs in commercial and industrial sectors.

harbor freight heat gun

  • We can loosen the rusted screws, nuts, bolts, etc.
  • It also helps in shrinking films, packages, pipes, etc.
  • We can soften the adhesives and also dry damp surfaces with the help of guns.
  • People from construction and building, automotive repairs, packaging, and mass retail widely use guns.

Buyer Guidance

Fast Heating

Choose the gun that can heat up fastly; most guns take 20 seconds to one minute to heat up for use. Avoid the gun that takes more than two minutes to heat up because it leads to inefficiency issues.

Temperature Range

Temperature is the main factor to consider. People who want a high-temperature range for different DIY projects choose a high-temperature range. The guns that are adjustable according to the temperature are also available in the market to not face the overheating issue at any time.

best dewalt heat gun

LCD Display

The LCD will allow monitoring of the temperature that the heat gun harbor freight generates. It also helps the precise temperature according to the need to work on the projects. Basic model guns will not have an LCD and two or three fixed heat temperature settings.

Safety Measure

Using the gun is very sensitive when operating the high temperatures. The best heating gun comes with proper safety measures and makes sure not to damage sensitive materials or expose hands to high heat levels. Most of the guns will offer safety measures within the budget.


Buy a gun that offers multiple nozzle options; these gun kits have various nozzles that help take different DIY projects. Also, consider other accessories bundled with the equipment to use the gun quickly.

Best Heat Gun



DEWALT is the best heat gun with an LCD that allows adjusting the temperatures within 50 degrees increments. The DEWALT gun has built-in overload protection that shuts the heating element down and prevents burn-up. It also has a built-in hang ring which adds a convenient storage feature. The cord protector keeps the cord from tearing away from the housing.

The built-in innovative kickstand of DEWALT heat gun support will provide excellent stability and prevent tip over. It has an ergonomic comfort grip which provides comfort for long hours of use. It is lightweight and with a compact design that weighs only 2.3 lbs. DEWALT performs heavy-duty and comes with a hard case or accessory kit.

Cost: $107.99



SEEKONE is the Harbor Freight gun that performs heavy-duty. The hot air gun kit has different temperature control settings and provides a strong power of 1800W quickly up to 1202 degrees F in seconds. There are two modes of adjustable temperature. Unlike other dual-temperature guns, this gun provides different temperature controls. It has a black dial that gives rheostat-type heating the high/low switch on its handle to control airflow.

Temperature ranges from 120-1200 degrees F. The gun possesses an overload protector to avoid damage and circuit. SEEKONE has a scientific ergonomic design handle that prevents repetitive strain injuries and other musculoskeletal disorders. It is ideally used for shrinking heat shrink tubes, shrinking wraps, heating PVC, electronics, cell phone repairs, vinyl wrap, removing paint or floor tiles, loosening the rusted bolts, etc.

Cost: $28.99

Wagner Heat Gun

Wagner heat gun

Wagner heat gun is a dual temperature gun with an HT400 heat tool. The Wagner gun is durable and versatile for workshop, home, craft, and hobby projects. The high temperature is 680 degrees F, and the low is 450degrees F. To experience the hands-free operation, use the installed and retractable stand to easily complete household heating and crafting projects. The unique angled design will offer three operating positions pal, pencil, and hands-free to ensure the project’s best fit and feel.

The embossing Wagner heat gun is used to apply heat shrink tubing around the wire, emboss cards and crafting projects, remove stickers, shrink wrap presents, make jewelry, and more. It has precise control; the small size makes the HT400 gun great for getting into hard-to-reach places and concentrating on high heat in small areas.

Cost: $24.99



MILWAUKEE is the best and the harbor freight heat gun powered by red lithium battery technology. It is a compact gun that can heat over 40 connections on a single XC 5.0 battery. MILWAUKEE gun is manufactured for superior functionality and equipped with a high-performance heating coil that reaches an operational temperature in just seven seconds. In addition, it is a cordless heat gun.

The MILWAUKEE heat gun harnesses redlink intelligence; the tool’s temperature management system will provide maximum life. The additional feature includes compatibility with all M18 red lithium battery packs with an overall length of 6.4 inches. There is also a guarded nozzle for increased protection of work surfaces. MILWAUKEE gun also has a ladder hook for easy hanging between applications and an LED light to illuminate the work area.

Cost: $134.13


Heat guns are available in different speed control settings and temperatures. Choose a gun according to the requirement and preferences as well. Purchasing the best gun will be a tedious task for people buying it for the first time. Therefore, consider all the necessary factors before purchasing.

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