Best Fencing Pliers for Fencing – How to use Fencing Pliers

Fencing Pliers

Fencing Pliers or Fence Pliers are required to fence the farm or compound to facilitate the job. The pliers can do wire cutting, grabbing, twisting, stapling, etc. The fence Plier head is also used as a hammer. People must choose the best fencing pliers or best fence pliers for a versatile fencing project. Before purchasing, ensure the use of fencing pliers and also the best wire cutters for fencing.

best fence pliers


Fencing Pliers are tools for multipurpose usage to install and also repair the wire fences. It comes with a hammer on one side and a pointed end that looks like a spike. The plier’s hammer is used to nail staples into the spike and wood; the pointed end will remove the staples when needed. These fence pliers are extremely convenient to use.

The device is for everyday use professionals and fence contractors to utilize the tool. These pliers are in high demand across the world and also indispensable. Most people find it difficult to choose the best fencing pliers among the different brands available in the market. Get the best fence plier, which will do the entire job by carrying it.


Best Fencing Pliers

Best Fencing Pliers are chosen from their features; below are some of the best fence pliers to select from the fence pliers available in the market.



IRWIN, constructed from high-quality nickel-chromium material and is an anti-slip. It is one of the best Protouch fencing pliers used for all fencing projects. IRWIN is versatile, durable because of its construction quality and designed with non-slip and comfortable grips, and it is one of the best wire cutters for fencing.

IRWIN Best fence pliers

It is an all-in-one tool with features like machine jaws, which makes gripping easy and is affordable.  IRWIN, rated high because of its durability and its great features. It not only simply make grip but also comfortable and easy to control. By using this fence plier, there will be no issue of hand fatigue. People planning fencing work can get this IRWIN tool is one of the best fence pliers.

Cost: $20.99

Malco Fence Pliers

Malco Fence pliers are made with high leverage 10-inch length. It is constructed with durable hardened steel and textured handles for sure control and has a compact rounded nose and three serrated jaw areas. It has a needle-nose tip that works great on chain link fencing. These pliers have a nice texture, grip, sharp cutters, and good hold in the jaw. Malco is one of the best fencing pliers.

Malco Fencing Pliers

The Malco’s nose is too square and hard to tie with a narrow round tip. So that tying the fence lines easier and the tip does not get in the way. It is a dependable product, and its weight is cold, hard steel. These pliers are tough and have felt in the hands.

Cost: $38.49

BokWin C- Type Clip Tool

BokWin pliers are professional for tying, nailing, fixing for fencing, supermarket sealing to pack pockets, car seats, pet-cages, sofas, wire mesh, breeding cages, mattresses, etc. It comes with a handle made of soft plastic, making a comfortable feeling while using and reducing fatigue. The handle is automatic nailing, non-slip, and is a hog ring plier. It is multifunctional, easy to operate, and durable to improve the efficiency of work.


It has 20mm suitable hog rings with a closure diameter of 8m. The hog ring plier kit has an automatic fencing plier with a C-type clip fastening clamp installation equipment tool for the animal fence, car cushions, and mattresses with 2500Pcs hog rings. It is made with high-quality steel and galvanized surfaces to make sure the durability of the product.

Cost: $30.79

Clip Bender Fencing Pliers

Clip Bender is the ideal tool for securing T-post fence clips. It is also the best wire cutter for fencing and works on barbed, woven, hog wires, and stock and horse panels. It also works with clips up to 12 gauge. Clip Bender will build the fence easier and faster. Clip Bender, made with 100% steel, black oxide coating that prevents rust, and has a bright yellow handle for greater visibility.

Clip Bender

With its durability and unique design, the Clip Bender is one of the best fence pliers for the job. Just insert the bit between the looped end of the fence clip and wire. Pull in a downward motion, push to secure. Now insert the fence clip into the hole provided in the bit. Finally, pull in a downward motion to secure.

Cost: $19.99

How to use Fencing Pliers?

Fencing pliers, also called combination pliers that perform the duties of several kinds of all types of fencing require. It is a combination tool that can pull, cut, hammer, twist, crimp, and stretch fence and fencing supplies in one compact tool, easy to carry in a pocket.

use fencing pliers

First Step

First, to use fencing pliers, drive fence staples into the fence made with wooden poles.  The fences using the fencing plier’s flat head with cross hatches involve striking the fence staples with a hammer-like head. Then the hammer drives them into poles to hold the barbed wire, field fence, cattle panel, or any other fence in place.

Second Step

Cut the wire with fencing pliers to make electric wire or barbed wire fence. The wire cutter, which is deep inside the jaws, will cut the wire from either side. They will also grip wire at the end of the jaw’s wide teeth to twist to loops for attaching spring electric wire gates. Splice the wire to attach pieces for longer wire lengths.

Third Step

Wire fastly ties with fencing pliers by wrapping the post and placing each end of the wire tie around the fencing. Jaws will allow the squeezing wire to tightly wrap in a circular motion around the fencing to ensure stability.

Fourth Step

Stretch the barbed wire firmly by gripping the wire and turning it in a twisting motion that pulls the wire into the loop, which turns in one direction to tighten with every turn. Fences damaged from falling trees loose and sag, then use the fencing pliers to tighten those areas.

Fifth Step

Now strike the nails with the pliers’ head to drive into any wood with a hammering motion. Projecting the nail tips will snip off with the wire cutter deep into the jaws so that the sharp tips will not cause any injury to persons or animals.

Sixth Step

Finally, pull the staples by inserting the long curved tip of fence pliers under the staple middle and pull it in an outward motion. Leaning the tool and using the wood or post staples will help to pull the leverage tightly. It works as the curved end on the claw hammer.


The Best wire cutters for fencing are essential to secure the compound and farm. These fencing pliers can perform all the functions from the beginning to the end of fencing by using the fence pliers, the wire installation, fence maintenance, repair, or any other work that needs to be undertaken on the fence.

Best Fence pliers used by professional or DIY enthusiasts for their fencing project will use this indispensable tool to perform multiple functions. People will get assistance to get the best fencing pliers of the desired value by the above information.

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