10 Best Safe Lockers For Home In India (2022)

Does it make sense to keep your valuable jewelry and personal things in the bank lockers? You are not allowed to touch or wear those whenever you wish. Not only jewelry but also valuables such as crucial documents, property paperwork, and other items are not always safe to keep at home. You’re always concerned about the safety of such valuables.

But not any longer! Safe lockers can be built in your home, and you won’t have to worry about losing them. You can also keep your valuables close to your body rather than sending them to the bank lockers.

Top 10 Safe Lockers For Indian Homes:

Godrej Security Solutions 20 Liters Biometric Safe Locker –

This device is suited for most Indian families because it is a 20 L home safe. The device’s dimensions are 370mm x 420mm x 200mm. It is ideal for keeping your belongings safe at home. Its motorized locking system provides the highest level of security. The overall structure is fairly sturdy to assure the safety of your belongings. A USB can be used to enable it. It is composed of durable SS304 stainless steel and comes with a one-year warranty.

Amazon Basics Home Safe-

The safe’s steel body is robust enough. The door is built of 8-gauge steel, and the body is made of 14-gauge steel. As a result, it can provide the highest level of security. The doors have pry-resistant hinges as well as two live-door bolts for further security. Keeping your belongings safe will no longer be an issue. It can be used to store assets such as jewels, critical documents, and other valuables. It’s 1.2 cubic feet in size, making it ideal for both home and business use, and it’s simple to use, thanks to an electronic keypad.

Godrej Security Solutions Taurus Electronic Safe-

Buying this safe locker can be a terrific choice if you want to keep all of your valuables in plain sight. In terms of security, user-friendliness, and storage space, it is one of the best safe lockers for houses in India. It is equipped with non-volatile memory. As a result, the password will not be forgotten even if the battery is low. This product comes with a lot of useful features that make safe storage easy and accessible. It is equipped with non-volatile memory. As a result, even if the battery is low, the password will not be forgotten.

AmazonBasics Security Safe-

You can easily put it on the wall or on the floor. Pry-resistant concealed hinges and two live bolts are included in the gadget. These make it easier to install the gadget without making a mess. The carpeted floor is ideal for protecting your belongings from scratches and damage. It comes with four AA batteries that assure the product’s extended life.

Godrej Forte Pro 40 Liters Digital Electronic Safe Locker-

The majority of secure lockers are rectangular in shape. However, this unique product has a tall design that allows you to store more items. Documents, A4 files, and other valuable items can be stored. You may rely on this product totally. It has excellent security features. First and foremost, the motorized locking system provides complete security.

SToK Small Electronic Safe Locker-

This iron body-safe locker provides maximum security. It is made of a cold-rolled steel sheet that is up to 2mm thick for the body and 4mm thick for the door. What should you do if you lose track of the secret code? There’s no need to be concerned because the device has a mechanical override emergency key to assist you in opening it.
Savya Home Home Security Electronic Safe- The best way to keep your things safe is to use a safe locker. You can save your preferred pin code here to make it easier to remember. The piece is 23 x 17 x 17 centimeters in size and weighs approximately 3 kg 500 grams. As a result, you may easily mount it to the wall, the floor, or your wardrobes. Aside from that, the locker comes at a reasonable price.

Yale Home Electronic Safe With Pincode Access-

This is one of the greatest safe lockers in India to meet your needs. The product’s outside dimensions are 200 x 310 x 200 mm, and it may be readily mounted on the wall. This device is also lightweight, weighing only 8kg. You should have no problems installing it. The device is powered by four AA batteries and has an LCD display for simple operation.

Ozone Core Series Home Safe Locker-

This safe is an excellent option for Indian houses. It’s made of tough stainless steel and adds an extra layer of protection to your valuables. The doors are substantial and sturdy enough for your needs. It not only serves your goal, but it also adds aesthetic value to your room and comes with a three-year warranty.

AmazonBasics Book Safe With Keylock-

If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind safe locker, this is the one to get. It has the appearance of a blue dictionary. The overall appearance is pretty pleasing. Its measurements are 24 x 5.5 x 15.5 centimeters. In addition, the piece weighs around 798gm. It means, you can take the device with you. There’s also the key lock, which protects you from theft. The inside storage space is adequate for cash, paperwork, and jewels. Because the device resembles a book, it may be placed anywhere on your bookshelves. It is also available in various colors to match your home. As a result, it appears to be pretty appealing.
Guarantee the security of your valuables!

Each and every Indian home can choose any of the above mentioned lockers for secure storage of valuables, important documents as well as precious jewelry. With advanced features like battery alerts, security codes and easy installation options, safe lockers will surely be a smart advancement to your home. Go and get your affordable and technologically advanced safe locker now!

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