Best Triple Monitor Stand 2022 for Workstation Setup

Triple Monitor Stand

The best triple monitor stand is a good suggestion for a person who owns three monitors and has no idea to organize them. It’s also called a three monitor desk to arrange the three monitors with a stand. Here in the article, a few like triple monitor stands of 32 inches, 27 inches, and 24 inches, and also dell and Vivo triple monitor stand. So choose the one which has mounting holes space, is durable, versatile, easy to use, and best of all.

best triple monitor stand of 32 inches

There are many types like vertical monitor systems, monitor for traders, single quality monitor arm, etc., in the market. These monitor stands are used mainly by programmers and creative persons who need to run multiple programs simultaneously. They want to see all the email, chat, web browsers, project management dashboards, etc., at the same time. Those people must position all three monitors at the correct height to avoid shoulder and back problems in the future.

Best Triple Monitor Stand

The best triple monitor stand must be durable, easy to use, and within the budget. Below are a few with the best prices and features.

Vivo Triple Monitor Stand

Vivo triple monitor stand

Vivo triple monitor stand is the best triple monitor stand. The mount holds three monitors ranging from 23 inches to a triple monitor stand of 32 inches in size and with VESA 75*75mm and 100*100mm backside mounting holes. The stand supports 22lbs per monitor. Vivo Triple Monitor Stand has cleared up valuable desk space, win back the area that three individual monitors will require by mounting all of them to the same stand. The integrated management system includes the AV and power cords clean and organized through clips along the arms and center pole.

The articulation and height adjustment works with adjustable arms that offer -90 degrees to +90 degrees tilt, 360 degrees swivel, 360 degrees rotation combined with 12 points of articulation. The height adjustment along the center pole creates ergonomic viewing angles that alleviate soreness in the neck, shoulders, and back. Vivo triple monitor stand secures the mount desks up to 4 inches thick and protects the table surface from scratches. Vivo triple monitor stand is easy to install with VESA brackets.

Cost: $79.95

WALI Triple Monitor Desk

WALI premium triple monitor stand

WALi is the best triple monitor stand with compatibility that fits LCD, LED flat-screen TV, and monitor up to 27 inches. It supports up to 15.4lbs VESA compatible 75*75mm or 100*100mm with a two-stage locking system and is also compatible with 3.3 inches C-clamp and 3.1 inches grommet base. The stand is fully adjustable with the gas spring stand that can tilt +45 degrees/-45 degrees, swivel +90 degrees/-90 degrees, and rotates 360 degrees; max height is up to 17.1 inches, max extension is 27.2 inches.

It is with double efficiency and productivity to make working or relaxing much more comfortable. Sturdy construction with a high-grade C-clamp, grommet base, and VESA plate ensures a solid and stable connection between the desk and monitor screen.

Cost: $99.99

HUANUO Monitor Stand

Huanuo triple monitor stand 32 inches

HUANUO is with triple monitor stand of 32 inches fits three flat/curved computer screens. It has a VESA pattern of 75*75mm and 100*100mm, and each arm holds 0-17.6lbs. Conveniently frees up a more valuable workspace by elevating three desk monitors, making the workstation spacious and clutter-free. The fully articulated arms allow the monitor to swivel, tilt and rotate to find an optimal view angle and position for comfortable work.

We can freely set the monitors to portrait or landscape mode. It has increased comfort and efficiency. Complete the work in three monitors simultaneously with a comfortable view position. People can enhance work efficiency in a comfy work posture. The C-clamp and grommet mounting base hold the monitor securely.

Cost: $109.99

ECHOGEAR Triple Mount Stand

ECHOGEAR Best Tripe Monitor Stand with mounting holes

ECHOGEAR Triple monitor stand 27 inches will enhance the PC setup and save desk space by mounting holes in the three monitors to top-notch build quality and clamp design for a pro look. Adjust each monitor to the perfect position with butter-smooth 360 degrees movement. Switch from horizontal to vertical orientation in seconds. Tool-free knobs let the custom tension for each of the three monitors and eliminate the dreaded droop.

Lock-in for the perfect height a wobble-free monitor stand. It holds three monitors perfectly aligned for a truly immersive experience in either horizontal or vertical orientation. It supports monitors up to 27 inches each, and installation is a breeze with world-class instructions and included hardware. In addition, it has built-in cable management that gives a clean and finished look.

Cost: $129.99

How to choose the Best Triple Monitor Stand for workstation setup?

The computer looks more professional and streamlined with the triple monitor stand setup. So choose the best by considering the below factors.

VESA Compliance

Almost all the brands in the market use a standard VESA-approved mounting holes space. The typical sizes to choose from are 75 to 100 mm grids. The standard VESA measures the distance between the four mounting holes on the computer screens’ backside and TV monitors. This stand will make it safe and efficient for every mounting system type.

Size of the  triple monitor stand

The monitor stands will not handle any set of monitors. Every stand is designed to handle a specific size and weight limit. While browsing through technical specifications, we can find the limitations for every monitor stand. The range of the stands will be from 10lbs to 25lbs, and the monitor size will also vary. For a sturdy monitor setup, stand to choose the monitor from 18 inches to 32 inches.

Vivo triple monitor stand with mounting holes


Each monitor stand with curved or straight arms, which have to mount all three monitors in a single line. But most of the stands offer limited adjustability. On the other hand, some of the stands come with articulated arms that allow bending to provide maximum adjustability.

Other monitor stands will give a height adjustment feature and viewing angle for every arm separately because of specially designed springs called gas spring arms. It reduces eye strain, neck and back pain also.


When choosing the triple monitor stand, the first thing to look at is durability with a high-end base, ensuring a sturdy and stable design. The whole structure of the mount is also essential to prevent the unit from toppling and wobbling. If the triple monitor mount has articulated arms, the range of motion must be smooth without too much force.


Most of the best triple monitor stands in the market are gaining popularity. These will provide an efficient and modern look at the workplace. The most stand offers multiple viewing angles like tilt, swivel, pivot, and rotation. Some of the stands are also used as a triple monitor wall mount for convenience. Having a triple monitor mount will improve the skills and give an edge over the opponents.


People are looking for a simple, no-frills arm to mount the three monitors straight to extend the desktop across the three displays. Choose the one with great features, durability, easy to move arms that will stay without a lot of adjusting or fiddling. Most of the monitors rely on grommet or clamps bases to get the displays off the desktop and help reclaim the desk’s surface.

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