5 Best Star Projector 2021 – Features & Buying Guide Lines

Star Projector

Many people like watching stars and dream of having a ceiling that is open to see all the stars in the sky. For them, a star projector is the best option. People must search for the best star projector night light or Galaxy star projector for kids to look into starry sky with stars and a moon.

Best Star Projector

Most kids love stars, and people who are fans of astronomy or science fiction want to have a universe in their home. It may be a poster of constellations or a prop from the new movie or model of the solar system to remind the passion them. Star Projector is a gadget that will bring immersion to kids and adults who likes stars. These devices can project everything of starry sky, planetary bodies that are realistic, educational, or enhance mood.

Best Star Projector 2021

Below are some of the best star projector night lights with the features and the price.

BlissLights Sky Lite

BlissLights Star Projector

The sky Lite will instantly project a field of drifting green stars against a transforming blue nebula cloud which is patent protected. Sky Lite Galaxy star projector incorporates a direct diode laser, precision glass optics, and holographic technologies to create an otherworldly visual experience. Its soothing aurora effects will create a relaxing environment anywhere and in any room. It is a gift for adults and kids.

People can also enjoy dining under the stars, create a relaxing spa environment, accent the home theatre in seconds, and be a game-changer for any room in the house. It is easy to control with simple button control, which cycles through light effects. BlissLights star projector brightness is adjustable, rotate motion with start/stop and with blue LED nebula and green rotating stars.

Cost: $49.99

Eicaus Store Galaxy Star Projector

Eicaus Galaxy Star Projector

Eicaus Store is a star projector and also an ocean wave projector. It is a star projector night light that not only emits an array of twilight stars but also transforms the room into a tranquil, relaxing underwater oasis and also turns the place into a magical experience. Claus comes with dimmable and ten colors option to choose from according to the mood pick with desired brightness from red, blue, white, green, multicolor, etc. These colorful lights will cast on the ceiling or wall to create a relaxing, romantic, or cozy ambiance.

It has a built-in music speaker that works with smartphones through Bluetooth or can also insert a TF card. People can enjoy the music and relax or play the sleep sound to help the babies/kids to sleep peacefully. It also has a unique sound-activated mode so that the lights flicker according to the patterns, the beat of the music results in a starry sky projection. Claus comes with remote control and auto-off timer to conveniently change the model according to the customization.

Choose either starry or ocean wave projection mode or sometimes both by changing colors, brightness, speed of wave light, adjusting the music mode, sound-activated mode, and volume by setting the timer for one or two hours auto-off. This galaxy star projector is powered by a USB cable and works with a wall charger and power bank. It comes along with one light projector, one USB cable, one remote, one instruction manual.

Cost: $35.99

LBell Galaxy Star Projector

LBELL Star Projector Night Light

LBell Galaxy star projector instantly projects a field of drifting stars against transforming blue nebula cloud with ten colors and 360 degrees rotational projections. It is a unique way to light up parties, light up for romantic dinner, or revitalize the workplace. It also works as the star projector night light and an excellent gift for kids. LBell works as a galaxy indoors and an amazing aurora starry light show.

It comes with a remote, sound-activated, and auto-off time. Bella is a remote controller ocean wave with sound-activated flicker mode that freely turn on/off the lamp, change lighting mode, cycle through light effects, adjustable brightness, start/stop motion and adjustable volume. The sound motion sensor helps change the colors according to the music beat or clapping hands to create a disco or party effect. Bella has a built-in three auto-off timer options of one hour, two hours, and turn-off.

It comes with a built-in mini Bluetooth 5.2 music speaker and USB slot. Play the favorite music for relaxing, meditation through the star projector night light. Simultaneously, enjoy watching the aurora nebula cloud galaxy at night to create a romantic, soothing atmosphere. It is used as adjustable brightness night light, ocean wave ambiance light, disco ball, stage party light, home theatre accent, game room decor light, DJ lighting, strobe lamp, and also for dancing/birthdays/parties/ DJ bar/Xmas/karaoke/wedding/ pub.

Cost: $49.99

SOAIY Aurora Night Light

SOAIY Aurora starry sky

SOAIY Aurora comes with a remote controller, built-in one hour/two hours/four hours auto-off timer, and stays all night long. It has three brightness-adjustable levels, 30/60/100 percents, rotation, or still available with a great soothing projection night light for everyone. SOAIY is with a little star projector night light with a dome cover on and aurora galaxy star projector when the cover is taken off.

It projects the realistic aurora borealis and nebular light on the wall or ceiling, creating a relaxing and enjoyable bedtime experience for children, comfort, and soothing kids to sleep. It is also perfect for adults to attain a calming and relaxing effect. SOAIY Aurora comes with eight lighting projection modes with red, blue, green, and three colors allochronism, colors gradient to choose the color show depending on the mood. The combination of all the colors will show the aurora’s relaxing magic world.

SOAIY Aurora covers a larger area in all different directions and also convenient. It has a built-in speaker with an adjustable volume. We can plug in an iPhone, iPod, MP3, and other devices with an AUX cable in the package. We can also play music—relaxing, meditation music through the night light star projector, and watching the aurora at night.

Cost: $27.99

MOKOQI Night Lights for Kids

MOKOQI Galaxy for starry sky

MOKOQI Rotating Star Projector Night Lights table lamp with Auto-off timer and color-changing lights. It is with a vivid starry sky that helps to develop kid’s curiosity, imagination, and creativity. It has a three-model constellation night light to set the countdown button with an auto-off timer for each press, rotary control button that rotates or stops freely optional, color conversion by switching the light color.

The MOKOQI comes with a USB cord; set the timer 5 to 99 minutes. It shuts down automatically while the countdown was ending. MOKOQI is also convenient and will not disturb sleeping and energy saving. It is easy to communicate and use, with four buttons, i.e., A for timer, B for a spin, C to change the colors, and D for night light mode. Choose the color by pressing A for the timer and C for the desired color. Kids fall into sleep calm by creating a starry sky with countless stars and a moon.

Cost: $34.99

Buying Guide Lines

Additional Discs

Depending on the star projector-type, there are interchangeable discs. These discs are used to expand the range of celestial objects which the projectors display. Sometimes the discs come with bundles and also available separately to purchase.

All the star projectors display starry sky, but the additional discs will allow them to project Sun, Earth, Moon, Planets, cosmos, galaxies, auroras, and nebulae most flexible projectors.

Display Brightness

Display Brightness is not easy to figure out when looking because not all manufacturers upfront about their star projectors’ brightness. People’s safest bet is to look at the online reviews before making the purchase decision. If you look for a projector that you are interested in, but the reviews are not good, then look for the projector around your expectations on its type and price.

The projector with low cost and targets the younger people, usually will not offer more brightness display and the same for the projectors that do not go for realism and just meant to change the room.

Battery or Mains Powered

Some of the star projectors will only be powered with a mains socket by directly plugging them. Few projectors will charge using AAA batteries, and some with both. Some Star projectors are powered by using the USB or external battery banks charged by plugging into the main sockets. Some even by USB 2.0 or 3.0 port of Personal computer.

Set Timer

The timer function is available in almost all projectors, no matter the type and price. By this feature, the projector timer sets how long it works before powering off. With this, the star projector will not waste power and work while sleeping or even during the day.

Guide for Adults and Kids Show

There are different galaxy star projectors available in the market. Choose the most affordable one that usually comes in two types that are accurate for kids. These will imitate the stars and space to give the room a new look. We can also stick the stars to walls and ceiling manually to keep the kids occupied.

The star projectors for real adults are meant to serve as the expensive astronomy guidelines. These projectors tend to offer sharper, brighter, and more detailed projections. This type of projector will also offer additional discs to increase the functionality.


People who dreamed about having space in their room and were fascinated by its colors and different celestial bodies. A star projector surely achieves all those goals for kids who want to upgrade knowledge in a visual and fun way.

Choose the Star projector night light, which has image quality, exchangeable discs to display, timer option to auto-off the device, brightness display, the chargeable battery using either the main socket or USB pod, etc.

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