Indoor Plants That Help Clean The Air And Remove Toxins

After coming from the office, the most loved place we visit and relax is our home. Well, the question is does our indoor air healthy and clean enough to breathe? According to the NASA Clean Air Study, the best way of reducing indoor air pollutants is by using indoor plants. This will definitely be good news for plant lovers. These plants are excellent for eliminating around 87% of poisonous elements present in the air.

Generally, most of the toxins come inside our home from products like varnishes, paint, insulations, carpeting, cleaning solutions, and many other products. Yes, there are some amazing house plants that are beneficial in cleaning the indoor air and removing pollutants like benzene, formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, and trichloroethylene. Read out some of the top air-purifying houseplants you can buy for your home too.

Areca Palm

According to a report, Areca palm is useful in removing pollutants like toluene and xylene. Toluene is known to be a notorious toxic trio and hazardous for humans. You can find this element in nail polish remover, paint thinners, correction fluid, and glues. On the other hand, Xylene is generally used as a solvent meant to be used in rubber and leather industries and printing.

Areca Palm is quite effective in removing the toxins from your home because it emits water vapors in large amounts.

Lady Palm

One of the easiest palms to grow, this plant species creates its own environment and culture requirements. It beautifully adapts to your interiors and grows slowly to a height of more than 14 feet. This plant also acts as resistance against insect infestations.

Bamboo palm

Another on the list is the Bamboo palm which is a highly scored houseplant because of its ability to remove the formaldehyde from indoor air. Moreover, it is also useful in removing benzene elements found in dyes, lubricants, rubbers, and detergents.

Peace lily

This beautiful plant can easily thrive in low to medium light and you have to water it every 10 days. That’s why; people love to bring them to their room. Do care that you don’t overwater it as it will damage the plant.

Rubber plant

We all know about the rubber plant but not most people know that it is quite effective in removing formaldehyde present in indoor air. For most plant lovers, the rubber plant is an ideal choice because it can easily grow inside the room in low temperatures as well. The rubber plant prefers to get semi sunlight and dim light. You can give the plant liquid fertilizer in summer.


You can easily find this plan in different varieties because it is easy to grow. This plant needs your little attention and gives you a gift of years of detoxification. The best thing about this plant requires medium intensity light and can easily grow inside your home. Just keep in mind that you misted the plant regularly and keep the leaves free from dust.

There are many other plants that you can grow inside your home and keep the air clean. The Home Mantra is a destined place for you if you are looking for such plants. It would be a pleasure for us to be your partner in improving your home. We understand your busy life and know that it becomes difficult to choose the perfect thing for your home. Not to worry now when we are here to help you. Our experts will give you tips and advice to choose the best plants for your home to remove the toxins and clean the air. We cover almost all kinds of home improvement products and offer you at cost effective prices.

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