How to Clean AeroGarden – Step by Step Procedure


For people who are planning to venture into farming and do not the procedure, AeroGarden is the best solution for basic farming methods. Here in this article, people can learn how to clean AeroGarden with bleach and white vinegar, advantages, and disadvantages of AeroGardening.

AeroGarden Farming

Many people like farming and do not like dirt; for them, AeroGarden is the correct method. Many of them also doubt whether this harvest method will sustain plants, no doubt that this farming method is the best for basic farming. In AeroGarden farming, plants grow with the help of a water solution with rich nutrients. The root system in this type of farming is supported with rock wool, perlite, peat moss, clay pellets, etc., instead of soil and without any mess.

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AeroGardening Advantages

  • The plant’s growth rate is high when compared to plants that grow in soil. The plants grown with AeroGarden are healthier, bigger, and faster because of the nutrients. There is no root system, and it grows upwards with excellent yields and tastes yummy.
  • AeroGarden plants use less water when compared with soil farming. It is indoor gardening that prevents water evaporation. With this farming method, environmental pollution reduces because of its enclosed gardening without any soil farming solutions.
  • The AeroGarden comes with a small kit, which occupies less space to place in the house, even at the kitchen counter. These kits are readily and easily available in the market.
  • There will be no dirt in this type of farming, and it can harvest all year, no matter the season. Mainly the winter and summer seasons will have zero effect on the plant’s growth.
  • We can also control the plants’ growth with ease; we can grow all the herbs, flowers, veggies, peppers, etc.

Disadvantages of Aeroardening

There are Disadvantages of AeroGardening that are also to be noted.

  • We need to check the PH level of the water solution used to grow plants regularly, which is tedious.
  • AeroGardening is expensive farming when compared to soil farming.
  • This process of farming and maintaining on a large scale is time-consuming. Now and then, we must monitor the PH level and nutrients of the solution.
  • As this works on Hydroponics technology, all the plants may dry within hours if there are any breakdown, pump, and water circulation problems.

Materials Required to Clean AeroGarden

Materials Required to clean AeroGarden

To clean AeroGarden effectively and safely, we need the below materials.

  • Large Bowl: To submerge or soak the AeroGarden pieces for cleaning every nook and cranny parts.
  • Bleach or White Vinegar: Used to clean the AeroGarden effectively, and the odor also undetectable after it dries.
  • Soft Towels: Used to wipe the cleaned pieces and the pieces that cannot submerge in bleach or white vinegar.
  • Paper Towels: Works with the tough parts to reach around the seed pods and underneath the grow deck.

Disadvantages of AeroGardening

How to Clean AeroGarden?

To clean AeroGarden following steps must be followed.

  • First, disassemble all the pieces of AeroGarden before cleaning. We must disconnect the light hood properly; the bowl and base separated from each other and make the parts ready to clean.
  • Now all the parts of AeroGarden except the light hood placed in a large bowl and fully submerged in the bleach or white vinegar solution. The bleach or white vinegar solution is of a gallon of warm water, a cup of bleach or white vinegar to soak all the parts of Aerogarden.
  • Stir the solution with a hand or wooden spoon to ensure the water solution reaches even the pieces’ tiny nooks. Leave the parts in the solution for about 20-30 minutes to kill any bacteria or pathogens.
  • Due to constant water flow, there is a chance of bacteria or mold forming inside the base. So make sure that the water emptied from the bowl. Now pour the water solution and turn on the motor inside the base.
  • Allow the motor to run for 5 minutes and then shut off. After cleaning with the help of bleach and white vinegar, keep the large bowl containing the pieces of AeroGarden down the sink under the fresh running water and hold till the entire bowl clean.
  • Now the cleaning process done, wipe the pieces and other surfaces of the AeroGarden using a soft washcloth. Be careful while cleaning the glass LED lights, and no need to clean in between the small places and bulbs. Dry the down surfaces with towels.
  • After rinsing, make sure to remove all the pieces of the AeroGarden under running water to remove bleach and white vinegar. Set all the pieces on the soft towel to allow them to dry in the open air.
  • Ensure that all the parts are arid before reassembling; if needed, run a dry towel or paper towel to dry the pieces.
  • Now all the pieces of the AeroGarden are clean and sanitized, so it’s time to reassemble for the next seedlings or keep the existing plants happy and healthy. To reassemble all the parts, use the machinery manually.


AeroGardening is easy and pretty simple to grow plants. The cleaning process is also simple only by using few materials. So get one AeroGarden to grow plants and herbs and spend more time and plan for the garden seeds.

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