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We use Mattress in our routine life, and it matters to protect the Mattress from spills, pet messes, and even potty accidents from toddlers. There are many reasons for a good and best waterproof mattress protector to shield the Mattress. Many varieties of waterproof mattress protector king and waterproof mattress protector queen sizes are available in the market. Some of them are organic waterproof mattress protectors and SafeRest premium hypoallergenic waterproof mattress protectors.

Most people are unaware of the mattress protector role. The primary function is to keep the Mattress clean, prevent dust mite allergies, and look like a new one. These protectors are affordable and straightforward to safeguard and expand the lifespan of the Mattress. The protectors are usually designed to defend against moisture and dirt without changing the feel of the bed’s surface while sleeping.

What is the best waterproof mattress protector?

The best waterproof mattress protector is challenging to find out. We must go through the features, necessity, and factors before purchasing one. Below are some of the reviewed mattress protectors:

Supremo Craft King Mattress Protector

Supremo Craft Waterproof Mattress Protector King

Supremo Craft waterproof mattress protector King is available in Queen Size also. It measures the exact size that fits 18 inches deep with fitted cover style design with elastic and made with 100% terry cotton fabric, which has liquid block lining. It is one of the SafeRest premium hypoallergenic waterproof mattress protectors with a top surface and specialized hi-tech backing that helps keep safe by eliminating dust mites and allergens.

The Mattress protected from liquids, urine, spills, pet accidents, etc. As the protector is of terry cotton fabric, it will be comfortable to sleep and stays tightly in place without even making sounds with movement. The material used is also kept cool, breathable, restful all night, and clean. Supremo Craft is one of the best waterproof mattress protectors and even the best shield against stains. It is waterproof with ten years warranty.

Cost: $27.99

SafeRest Premium Hypoallergenic Waterproof Mattress Protector

SafeRest Premium Hypoallergenic Waterproof Mattress Protector Queen

SafeRest Premium Hypoallergenic waterproof mattress protector Queen, made with terry cotton, protects against fluids, dust mites, sweat, urine, and allergens. It is available in various sizes as a twin, twin XL, king, queen, complete, and even California King Sizes. The terry cotton surface is with membrane back coating. The protector is also breathable, waterproof, and noiseless. These protectors prevent dust mites from passing through their surface, where sometimes the dust mites multiply and defecate.

The protectors help people with pets, babies or kids, asthma or incontinence, allergies, etc. These SafeRest protectors can be washable and recommended to wash for every quarter to remove the dust mites and allergens resting on the protectors’ surface. The unique design of the protector blocks fluids from reaching the Mattress. These mattress protectors are for all types of mattresses as memory foam, latex, and innerspring.

Cost: $34.95

Linenspa Premium Smooth Fabric Protector

Linenspa Premium Smooth Mattress protector

Linenspa is also available in various sizes, from Twin size to California King Size. It is made with polyester but soft, quiet, and 100 % waterproof that repels all liquids, including bodily fluids, urine, sweat, and even accidental spills. It is made with ultra-thin hypoallergenic fabric, which is also noiseless, polyurethane backing, and dust mites, and also vinyl-free material, which is safe for the whole family.

This protector comes with a fully elasticized fitted sheet style protector that features deep pockets for a smooth, secure fit on mattress depths 18 inches. This design intended to use a fitted sheet placed over the protector to keep the mattress’s feel. And a crinkle-free protector, machine washed and dried on low heat. Care instructions of the protector were easy to follow and help to make it lasts long.

Cost: $14.99 to $19.99

UltraPlush Queen Protector


UltraPlush Waterproof Mattress Protector Queen is durable and waterproof protection from bed bugs, dust mites, accidental spills, and bedwetting to preserve the cushion from the stains and exposure to allergens. This protector is odor-free which also does not contain phthalates, PVCs, or vinyl. It also beat the 100-gallon flood test to prove its resilience to moisture and liquids. The pads of the Mattress not only maintain quality but also provide superior comfort.

The protector’s soft surface layer is ultra-comfortable, and unlike other mattress covers, it is ultra-quiet and does not crinkle. The waterproof mattress protector king size designed with strong, tight-fitting elastic corner fitting pockets to ensure fitness, optimizing protection and comfort. It comes with a stretchable skirt that fits today’s thicker beds up to 18 inches.

Cost: $49.95

How to Shop?

  • There are many types of mattress protectors like top protectors that protect the only top, 5-side protectors that protect the top and all the four sides, and encasements that come with zipping up and protects the entire Mattress. SO according to the requirement, select the best one that suits you.
  • According to some research, waterproof protectors come in different materials, but woven fabrics like rayon, cotton, and polyester will protect against allergens and are breathable. The other materials like bamboo will regulate temperature. Vinyl will be a great guard against bedbugs but is not comfortable to sleep.
  • The durability of the protectors is an essential factor while choosing. Especially when it comes to washing because of bedwetting the durability considered. So check the customer reviews that how well to hold up.
  • Many protectors come with a warranty. It guards against potential defects. Make sure that the protector fails or doesn’t rip because of manufacturing problems.
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