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How to Build a SHOW-STOPPING Indoor Hydroponic Garden

Hydroponic System Hardware

You won’t need a crazy amount of hardware or supplies for this project. You’ll be able to get amazing results with a simple setup. Just order these products and be ready to put it together with the instructions below!

I have spent weeks trying different products, nutrients, lights, etc. so please trust me and get the stuff I recommend. It’ll save you a huge amount of time and headache. 

1. Wall-Mounted Hydroponic Grow Kit

Grow 36 plants at a time! 

This system is well built, easy to install, and come with a great timer, pump and hosing! You see that my system is attached to my greenery wall in my kitchen. You don’t need those, just use some screws or the items below to mount it.

2. Grow Lights for your Indoor Plants

4 x 2ft of perfectly balanced grow lights!

Light is incredibly important for your plants to grow well. You’ll want to set these lights up along the bottom of the pipes to give great light exposure. 

More about lights below! 

3. Water Reservoir of Some Kind

I got my reservoir from Home Depot and I would recommend you get a 10 gallon pot that you like. Just me sure that another pot fits in the top, leaving at least 5 gallons of water at the bottom without touching the top pot. 
You’ll need 2 pots, a Small one that fits on TOP of the large one!

4. Wall Mounts 

This is really all you need to mount your system to the wall. I recommend these mounts because you’ll be able to hold a lot of weight and move the system easily if needed. 

Getting the system setup at first can be a challenge, you need to use a level to make sure the pipes are good. I’ll walk you through that later on. 

Hydroponic System Supplies

Now you’ll need the supplies like nutrients to put in the water and an aerator for the tank! Again, I’m begging you to get the things I recommend below. If you want to get more, no problem, but get these in order to get the best success. 

I literally tried 3 different kinds of rockwool cubes and I’ve spent hours of research on the right nutrients. The right stuff is below. 

1. BEST Nutrient Powder for your Indoor Garden

Do not try this without nurtrients! You need these for your plant to get big, tasty, and healthy. This stuff is amazing. I have great success with it on all of my plants, not just the ones I grow in my hydroponics. 

I’ll teach you how to use this below!

2.  Rockwool 1″ Cubes

The system I recommended above comes with 1″ cups to go into the system. It also includes 1″ square sponge cubes. I don’t like these! I would not recommend you use them at all! Use these rockwool cubes because they will help you seeds grow great. 

I’ll show you why Rockwool is best for your system. Just keep reading.

3.  GeoLite Clay Pebbles

If you want to grow the beautiful flowers I did in my system, or you just want to use the top of the water reservoir as additional growing space, I recommend you get this stuff as the growing medium in the upper pot. 
This comes with way more clay pebbels than you will need, but trust me you’ll want to use them in more hydroponic projects going forward! These are a great value buy!

3.  12 Great Herbs to Grow in your new system!

These seeds are specifically for hydroponics. Yes, of course you can use them other places like outside in the garden too, but these are designed to not get so big as to overwhelm your system. 

Rosemary, Tarragon, Lavender, Oregano, Basil, Thyme, Parsley, Chives, and more!

3.  1200 Lettuce & Salad seeds

Like I mentioned above, these seeds a great for your system. There are 8 different kinds of greens that you’ll want to eat with every meal! Lettuce are the easiest to grow in hydroponics because they grow fast and don’t need as much attention.
Ramaine, Iceberg, Kale, Spinach, Bibb, Oakleaf, Buttercrunch, and more!

Now Put It Together!

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