10 plant stands your indoor plants will love

Are you a plant lover and checking out the latest trends to keep indoor plants in your home?
Undoubtedly, the plants are something that can easily change the ambiance of the whole room and make it look aesthetic. Whether you bring a fiddle leaf or like to have mini plants, one thing that you can’t ignore is their stands. You can easily find lots of options available in the market and online store as well. From wrought iron plant stands to wooden ones, the plant lovers will absolutely love them. So, let’s start with some of the amazing plant stands that you must have in your home.

  1. Reversible plant stand/li>
  2. This stand will surely go with your interior and modern décor. As the name suggests, this is a reversible, cage-style plant stand having stainless steel and chrome finish giving it a new sheen.

  3. Basket stand
  4. Do you have a boho abode? This plant stand can do wonders. This bamboo plant stands having wood legs can be placed in any area. Either place it near your window or keep it in a corner; this will surely increase the ambiance of your room.

  5. Celeste plant stand
  6. If you want to create a blush pink hue in your room, then choose the Celeste plant stand. Being a modern choice, it will definitely liven up your space.

  7. 3-tier bamboo plant stand
  8. The bottom of this plant stand is just 12.6 inches square and becomes narrower in the middle and top. This stand is ideal for a medium size plant.

  9. Foldable plant stand
  10. You can easily put small as well as medium-sized plants in this foldable plant stand. It is also available with shelves making it less deep. Moreover, the best thing about this stand is that it is made of water-resistant bamboo material.

  11. Multi tier flower shelves stand
  12. The beautiful and dynamic stand can easily move from here and there because of its wheels. That means you can easily shift your plants and place them wherever you want. Enjoy mess-free planting in your home.

  13. 5 tier metal plant stand
  14. The metal multi tiers stands are available in boho style that will surely match your taste. Not only will it suit your modern décor but also goes well with your interior. Each shelf can easily hold up an eight-inch pot.

  15. Portable plant stand
  16. The indoor plant stand comes with wheels and you can take them to any place in your home. Made of steel, the stand is easy to clean and you can put houseplants in them.

  17. Decorative indoor plant stand

  18. More than just a plant holder, this plant stand brings lots of colors and fresh air with it. You can find it in various colors like black, grey, orange and many others. The stand gives a kind of Moroccan look to your room.

  19. Nesting indoor plant stand
  20. Such kind of plant stand is ideal for creating greenery around your place. As the stands are available in graduated heights, it will be perfect to do gardening in groups.

Usually, the traditional plant stands don’t serve the purpose of modern gardening trends. On the other hand, we are thankful to the modern plant stands that not only hold the plants but still give a new edge of designing.

So, buy a modern plant stand for your home as well and make your space welcoming.

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